Mid-semester assignment

Before CT101 I knew that movies affected us emotionally and impacted our choice in live thanks to different sort of contents and technics, but I was barely unaware that I could use one or some of these visual contents to share my own feeling and even influence others. CT101 granted me that awareness, and all I can say is thank you!

Not only CT101 helped me to use GIFS, memes and logo to communicate my gladness, sadness, anger, embarrassment, desire, skills, etc., but also it taught me to create them. I do not know for others, it has not been easy for me because I only used to click and watch. Maybe this and other circumstances my slow learning during the semester. But, no worries! I surely will reached the destination.

Now I own a domain name, don’t I? And my website www.guadelead.com is getting customized.  wow! I just made a hyperlink! How exciting! Progressively I install the different features such as Menues, homepage, plugins.

As I said before, my website will be meant to Leadership. The goal is to bring out the invisible Leaders, those pillars who support the visible Leaders. In fact, leadership acts are performed everyday around us, sometimes at home, by normal and unknown people. Those people and individuals or groups they make happy need to share their experience. Also, guadelead is committing to bringing back to the present, as models, Leaders who have left their mark on the history of mankind…

What are my strengths and weakness so far? I think  I need to improve every aspects of what we have learned. But, our bigger weakness lays in our lack of time. We have so much things to do at a time. Beside mastering tools to design a logo,  completing the customizing of my  website remains an exciting challenge for me.