Week 12: Classmate’s Website Review


I looked at a few of my classmates’ websites and it was nice to see the variety of different content people were focused on. The domain names were very creative and authentic. Here is a review of my top 3 favorite websites from my classmates: 


The first domain name that caught my eye was Tershara Hogan. Wheelchair Bae is very intriguing, call me noisy but I wanted to know more about this person. I have sooo many questions; Is she disabled because I’ve never an disabled classmate before. Also, I’m intrigued to hear the background story behind using a wheelchair? What are the benefits and challenges of using a wheelchair? Has it been difficult during quarantine? I loved the website slogan too “The Rolling Rebel”. It shows me that she has embraced her reality and she’s breaking stereotypes and the limitations set for her. For her first blog post I think it’d be cool to write about her backstory and the reason she chose this domain name. I think her website would inspire a lot of people! Can’t wait to see the final product, I’ll be looking out for it!


I like the website setup, it looks like Kysa is very up to date with the personalization of her website from the previous 3-4 weeks. I loved how she introduced herself and what I’ll be viewing in her posts. I liked how incorporated a very nice picture of herself. This was a nice touch because now that we are online we can’t see each other to remember faces and interact. So, by her putting up a picture of herself allowed me to put a face to a name. I viewed one post and I loved how she made a Youtube video instead of writing a lengthy blog post. This was definitely different.  I look forward to reading/watching more. 

3. https://slimshakey.com/

Shaikh Isalm’s website is something different. Looking at the background picture I knew what it was about. It gives me an irgy feel, so he hit the nail right on about sharing creepy/scary content. I like the different floors he made as well; viewers would be able to view pictures, written stories, and even videos. THIS IS SWEET!