Mid-Semester Reflection

1. in CT101, I do not have a clue of what grade should I get. I am behind in all the posts, the class already is doing the own pages and I am stuck in week 7. I wanted to be always at the right time, but one day that couldn’t go to class and at work star putting more work hours at my schedule, I was happy because I need the money; but my grades would be affected, I knew that. To be honest, I was careless because this is the one class that gives freedom to the student, I did not want to abuse that freedom.

me when i have to do anything:


2. Thanks to this class, I have learned to use some apps that I never thought that I will use. For example, the 3D builder, that I use for the assignment of week 6.  it was difficult to use because I know nothing about those apps, but playing around I find it entertained. I did many attempts because I did not know how to correct my mistakes and how to manage the movement of the objects, it was a difficult app to use, so I just show in my post the one that looks good.

I use the 3D builder ↓↓

Project Flexibility – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

3. I do not know if I am skilled at it but I can say I am getting better. This is my first time doing context for blogs. I do not like to share what I write with others if I write something is for myself; my problem is that when I write at the moment I think that they seem normal, but when after a week I decide to read it again is full of mistake and embarrassing stuff. but since in this class we have to write a lot I got used to seeing those things and do not feel like I want to erase everything. so I am getting better at writing posts.

4. My performance in this class is not the best, I never participate in classes, is still difficult to ask or share ideas. but I try my best with my post to compensate for my performance in class.

5. before taking the class I knew about memes and gifts, however, I never tried to make one myself.  I am not into making them, but I enjoy just watching them. People that make memes are people with a great sense of humor and is really surprising how 99 % of the time the memes mention stuff that had to happen to me or stuff that I think but I do not share.

6. all my post look the same, and  I do not know what to change the.

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