Mid semster reflection

This first half of the semester has been great, I have been feeling a little down with the fact that we have to take classes from home, and just being stuck here all day makes me feel overwhelmed with all that is happening.  This course is one of those things that takes my mind off of things that make me feel stressed or upset. During these last weeks, I have been feeling more determined to give my best when it comes to my college courses because I have not been doing my best since the schools shut down and we had to move to distance learning.

The creation of my website was a task that I really enjoyed, I have put a lot of hours into the customization of my website but is not yet as great as I want it to be but as far as I keep working on it I can improve the issues with the page outline and features.

My website is a little empty at the moment because I have no idea what to do with it but I am hoping soon I can figure it out.

I meant to post this reflection a while ago but I forgot it in my archives while I was doing it and never finished it. but I do want to add that the first half of the semester was amazing, I learned a lot about how to navigate the web on a whole new level, and about how the internet is more important than people come to realize. It is a way of creativity that gives everyone their own ideas on how they want to express their thoughts or feelings. This course and the creation of this website are things that have kept me excited about college throughout this past weeks and hopefully I can keep doing better by the end of the semester.

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