Midterm Assesment

Throughout the class of CT101 we have studied many useful techniques in navigating online spaces. Some of these techniques include, setting up and using a Zoom account, creating CUNY Academic Commons posts, completing digital story telling projects on the DS106 Assignment bank, creating and uploading moving images in .gif format, registering a domain for a functional website, adding widgets, installing plug-ins, and embedding things into our website. All of these skills can be applied in many aspects of our lives from productivity to entertainment. Personally, I believe understanding how to create and change your own domain website is one of the most useful skills. Before beginning this class, I did not know there was so much back-end work that goes into coding and designing a website. Although I know they can be complicated, on the surface websites give a simplistic impression on the user. 

I believe to make improvements in this class I need to become more familiar with editing and updating previous work. This class has taught me that you work is never truly complete when creating a project. Without editing and updating previous work things are left half complete with no room for growth. For example, in my first post to the CUNY Academic Commons “Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?” there was a lack of content in my post. Professor Seslow suggested adding extra hyperlinks and GIFS. “Good Stuff! Lets add a few GIFS and hyperlinks into this post to expand it a bit!”. This shows that failing to refer back to my previously complete work led to low quality completion. 

These assignments on the CUNY Academic Commons have helped me as a communicator because it has shown me that communicating requires active effort. Without applying active effort, connections and communication is less likely to occur. This is shown in the form of comments. Without actively seeking posts to comment on you will receive no replies. 

I believe my current status in this class would resemble a B grade student. This is because not enough focus has been spent staying up to date with posts, comments, and replies 

The domain name I have chosen for my website is http://creativesstaycurious.com. I have chosen this domain name because I have an attraction to the vast ideas’ humans come up with. Initially I was interested in making it a hub-like area to share your most recent creative works. On the other hand, if I’m interested in marketing myself, I would use it as a portfolio for any videography, and editing work I have created. This would bring me closer to my ambition of working in this field. 

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