My Domain Name

Hello, my domain name is
Hello, my domain name is

So, we’re picking our domain names I see. I only had two in mind but I’ve been brainstorming over spring break. The two I had in mind were:

    1. trxnax
    2. tr3na3

Trxnax was the name I came up with for all my sims related social media accounts. It’s a unique name that I love so much. However, I did not choose that name due to the fact that it’s related to something outside of my class time. Yes, in my past blogs, I mention Sims and my Sims profiles a lot. But I don’t want to name a “school” related project after a hobby I do outside school.

So instead, I went with tr3na3. My name is Trenae and I replaced the E’s in my name with 3’s because a 3 looks like a backwards E. I got this idea from an old gaming website I used to play on called Poptropica. It’s a website where you can travel to islands and play problem-solving stories. I thought back to this one island I played where the in-game character had a note on her desk and it said something along the line of “to make a strong password you should replace some of the letters with numbers”. Which is where I got my inspiration from.

I got my name!
I got my name!
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