My Sims Obsessi- I mean Passion

My Passion for Play The Sims 4

If you’ve read some of my blog posts then you’d know that I often mention sims, A LOT. The Sims 4 is a simulation video game where you can build, create characters and play in an interactive environment. I love The Sims because it allows you to use your characters to tell stories in a creative way. You can make your Sims perform any action, such as building an entirely new home from scratch or falling in love. Also, the game offers a large range of customization options, including clothing, furniture, and hairstyles. Some of the game packs add a lot more items and even a storyline for better gameplay. Anyone interested in simulation games should definitely try out The Sims 4, which is a ton of fun.

The first time I played The Sims was when I was in elementary and I had the mobile version, The Sims FreePlay on my tablet. This started my obsession with simulation games. I just enjoyed the free range I had with making characters and building. The building was my favorite part at the time. 

Then the first time I ever played the sims on a PC was around the time I was 10-11. My mom went to visit her friends and brought me along and she gave me permission to use the computer. And she had The Sims 3. I didn’t really remember what happened but I do know I was playing it a little bit. Just an innocent child having fun.

The Sims 4 came out in 2014 but I was late to the game. 2016 was when I begged my mom to get The Sims 4 for me so I could play it on my laptop. At the time I didn’t know about how The Sims go on sale for $5 sometimes so we ended up spending $40. Crazy I know, but the game is now free for anyone who wants it. When I finally got it I was ecstatic. But then…I realized I didn’t have enough storage on my laptop to officially download it. So the receipt sat in my email for years collecting dust.

2020 rolls around, lockdown starts, everyone is online, and TikTok gets more popular. Once everyone went on lockdown schools had to switch to online classes. Also, I started to see a lot of sim-related content on TikTok and even my friend was telling me about she would play the sims. So that got me thinking, the old computer didn’t have enough storage to download The Sims and we needed an electronic device for class…do you see where I’m going with this. I asked my dad for a new laptop and said it was for school. I know I know that was kinda bad but let’s face it…the old laptop was on its last leg.

I had gotten a way better laptop that had about 200 GB of storage. For me that’s a lot, the last laptop didn’t even touch 100. So, I quickly went back to my email so I could finally download the game (I had it starred just in case). I opened the game and went to create a sim, if I remember correctly I named her after me. I did make her a boyfriend and they got married and had a son. I didn’t have any game packs at the time so I had to make do with what I had. Kicking my feet while playing the sims.

But later on, my friend told me how she played her game with games mods and custom content. Custom Content (CC) is fan-made or player-made clothing and objects added to the game. From clothing to hairstyles and accessories to even build items. And games mods are additional features to your game and can enhance gameplay. I went down a major rabbit hole of watching simmer YouTubers and learning how to make the game more fun and enjoyable.

So I went crazy and downloaded a lot of custom content and mods for my game AND I had the storage for it which makes it much better. Because of the custom content I downloaded, I also became more interested in making sims than doing gameplay. Even though creating a sim is still considered “playing the game”, I would never place them in the world I would just save them and exit the game.

This essential sparked something else in me. If I’m not going to play with these sims why not share it with others? I decided to make a Tumblr and join the sims community on there. They call it “simblr” it’s a cute name. But I started to post sim lookbooks and reblog other sim posts and officially became a part of the sims community. But I didn’t stop there, because of all the sim Youtubers I would watch I got influenced to start my own youtube channel on January 13, 2021. Started a bit slow at first but I eventually had my own schedule. And I started to post my own 6-minute sim videos every Tuesday and Thursday. Shameless plug sorry 🙂

I had a lot of time to post videos because I was still doing online classes for my entire junior year in high school. I did go back for my senior year but I graduated early in January 2022. So, I basically had all the time in the world before I started college.

And then a sad day came…on September 15, 2022, my laptop broke. It snapped in half… like the screen and keyboard SEPARATED. Very sad day because I also had a test to do and the only way to access it was on a computer. But my friend luckily gave me her old mac. 

I had lost all my sim saves and mods so I had to restart. And in my opinion, macs aren’t that good for gaming. But I had no choice. So, posting on youtube was paused and I was bummed because the sims ran so slowly on the mac. I just stopped playing it for a while.

BUT THEN…on September 26…my uncle came through and blessed me with his PC. The PC is a literal beast, I could probably download over 100 games and they’ll all run smoothly. But of course, I downloaded The Sims 4 and that’s the ONLY game I’ll be playing. I have way more storage than before so of course I download tons of mods and the game still runs smooth like butter. Here’s a picture:

I was also able to post on youtube again. But since I have better equipment (I begged my mom to buy me a mic) I wanted to get into actual gameplay and play a storyline. My creative juices were running. So, I did. And here we are now, still obsessed with The Sims and sharing it with others on different platforms. 

I have over 1000 hours on that game…it’s bad. But anyways hope you enjoyed my long story and till the next assignment.

5 thoughts on “My Sims Obsessi- I mean Passion”

  1. Hi Trenae! I absolutely identify with your love for The Sims game. From a young age, I have played the game in many forms. Growing up, it was one of the only PC games I was able to play on our family computer since my older sister owned multiple Expansion Packs: Sims City, Sims: Livin’ Large, and Sims House Party. When I got my first DS, I got into almost all of those Sims games as well, with Sims: the Urbz being my favorite! When I got my first laptop, a MacBook, I instinctually downloaded the newest Sims game. Unfortunately, due to the processing power of my device I have rarely played since it causes my laptop to overheat. I recently saw a tiktok about someone storing Sims and all their Mods/Custom Content on an external drive. So, once I get my hands on one, I will be joining you in the Sims world! So excited and I am definitely going to check out your channel!

    1. So sorry for the late reply Jamilah. I’ve seen that same Tiktok and thought it was a great idea for people who own low-end laptops and loves playing with mods. Thanks for checking out my channel, I appreciate it a lot. It’s nice to know that there are other people who have a love for The Sims just like I do!

  2. Excellent work on this!
    I can feel that passion for the Sims coming through your words and great supported media!
    Love the storytelling here!
    Feel free to embed a few more game play versions directly from youtube, perhaps some favs?
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Trenae

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. I honestly gasped when I read that. So sad 🙁

    I want to thank you for all the information on SIMS. Before taking CT101 and chatting with a classmate Jaden I didn’t know what SIMS was. He taught me a lot, and then your post schooled me even more on SIMS.

    I would suggest making your media gifs and images larger; I learned this a few weeks ago.

    In the WordPress editor tool >the gif or memes>the corner until you see an arrow >drag until it snaps and won’t expand any further. You may think that the media isn’t at its largest viewpoint, but it is, and you can test that by selecting the “preview” tab.

    In preview, you should see a uniform look of all your fantastic digital media.

    Thanks for the “Simblr” lesson.

  4. Good day, Terence! I totally appreciate how devoted you are to The Sims. When I was in school, I liked playing the game as well. I can appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. It was a lot of fun. I could now recall my history when I saw your post. I will definitely remember your post. I adore what you’ve done. Keep doing it and continue to be inventive.

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