My Website Is Live!

Hello my fellow classmates. I hope you are all doing well with your websites and the customization of them. While mines is still a work in progress, I was able to write a post detailing my plans for the website.

You can check out this post on my site cutsbyjuss.com:

My Plan For This Website

I plan on populating my website with more content soon and making it more user friendly once I learn more about setting everything up through WordPress. Thanks for reading!


1 thought on “My Website Is Live!”

  1. Hey Justin, I love your website and how it’s set up! I also like that your blog post has additional links and pictures. I saw that you said and I know it can be difficult to get the energy to be creative with your site but something that helps me is listening to some music and just focusing on my site and what I want it to look like.

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