Passion – Assignment 4

When I think about the things we’re passionate about I think about the things we love, the things we cannot live without.  I love Comic books and superheroes. They’ve entered just about every aspect of my life, they’re the back ground to my phone and computer, they’re what I read on the train and in my spare time, they’re what most of content that my various social medias and youtube suggest for me.
A quick glance at my youtube will show an assortment of superhero content. I love hearing about what character is stronger, or what various adventures some of these characters that I’ve loved for YEARS.
Some of these characters don’t even feel fictional to me. To everyone this is Iron Man to me this is Tony. As wacky as that sounds he’s more like a close friend to me, close enough to call his by his first name.  I love this man and his cape wearing and shield throwing friends.
Thanks for letting me nerd out everyone !!!

3 thoughts on “Passion – Assignment 4”

  1. Hey Daniel, love your post and Marvel as well! I feel the same way you do about Captain America or Steve. It so sad that neither Cap. or Tony will be returning to the MCU, but I’m looking forward to seeing other heroes in the spotlight!

  2. So far so gooood!
    Thank you!
    Sooo, How can we push this further? Please Tell us a STORY about how you fell in love with comics books, how old were you? Where did you discover the insight and or characters that you love so much? Now share those things into this mix (more hyperlinks and video!
    You got this!

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