Picking a Domain Name!


Hope you guys are well! Today we are going to be looking potential domain names for my website and why I chose them. They are listed below and are in no particular order:


I chose this domain because I want something that people will recognize easily, and what other way to show ownership than with my name. Secondly, my last name is Dorjee; my life motto is to “either be a doer or a don’ters.” Therefore I thought it would be fun to take the common letters out from my last name and make it almost sound like Tashi do….


This domain name piggybacks off the first one. However, I wanted this website to be more of a catalog for my creative work. In a way, it is like my online studio but writing that word out entirely seemed too long, so I tried to keep it short and straightforward, especially since my name isn’t too common.


This domain comes from an initial business idea for a creative studio outsourcing college students to small businesses for creative work and tapping the companies into the digital world with revamped business models and initiatives. The word “even” is crucial to me because it means balance. Balance is good in everything you do in life. It’s also a good balance for the two people involved in this business idea. Lastly, I wanted to show that this website meant creativity, so I played with the words’ sizing and kept it simple because that’s my aesthetic.


Like Domain Idea 2, I wanted to add the “studio” because I have seen many creatives do it. Using the word also helps indicate the line of work, usually because of the connotations that come with “studio.” Ideally, there would be period after “even” is to help split up the domain as two words which is how I want people to read it.


My last domain idea is one that took me 5 seconds to come up with. I enjoy doing this blog, so it is easy for me to think hard and long about names. However, sometimes the best ideas come when you take a step back and simplify. This domain shows my thought process in coming up with something fast, intuitively, and it’s the one that I enjoyed doing most because it doesn’t cause me stress in thinking about whether the domain is good enough or not.


Website Roots 

I have always wanted to start a website but never knew where to start or what I would be posting. With great interest in digital communications and the support of Professor Seslow, I would love to create a portfolio-like website where I would highlight some of my most creative and proud projects. Mediums would include but are not limited to Photography, videography, Adobe Cloud work, marketing Case comps, and Ct101 projects.

The Purpose of this Website is to allow people to see my creative strengths through different mediums all in one place and create business opportunities through my work. I am beyond excited to dive in, find a domain that works, and finally, be the owner of a website! I am also looking forward to all the education that comes with taking on this size project.


Two of my favorite websites are heliotemil.com and www.artechouse.com for their layouts,  UX features, and detail.These processes will be a crucial point in developing my website as well as using them for inspiration.


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