“Reaction Gif Assignment”- #DS106

For the first DS106 assignment, I did one of the gif assignments. It was quite fun to do but it also felt quite monotonous from the other posts we have been doing for class. To do the assignment, I just picked a very timely topic and gave my reaction to it. (See screenshot below.)

Feel free to check it out on my blog!

I saw another gif assignment that I believe will be a bit more challenging for me. This one would entail me creating  gifs from my favorite TV show. I have a few options of tv shows to choose from but I think the challenge will present itself when I have to think of exact moments from my favorite show that’s worth sharing and creating a story out of it. Also, I’ll have to do more intense work to create the gif rather than finding clips from giphy.com and adding text. Let’s see how that goes!


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