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On the first day of the CT101 class, I wasn’t excited because I didn’t know what the course was going to be about, and I didn’t understand the class description but it would be a cool class to take.

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When I first actually got in the class and meet the professor and he basically told us what type of class it was and what we are doing so I wasn’t surprised. I did like hearing about how creative the class was gonna be, it was cool to think that I would be able to make my own meme.


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Compared to some of my other classes ct 101 is very fun and more laid back. In my other classes, there are strict deadlines and assignments that don’t really engage us as much as this one does. Assignments are fun and keep us entertained while also allowing us to express ourselves creatively. 

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I would say that Digital storytelling has lots of creative potential such as how fast we can share content. Showing off student work or spreading a message to the world are two examples of sharing. Additionally, students have the option of collaborating remotely on projects or receiving peer feedback.

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I’m looking forward to using these online resources. I’ve primarily accessed GIPHY for the gifs I’ve used in this post. I am so excited to see how other people use GIFS to express their own opinions and ideas in this class because they are the perfect medium for self-expression. 


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  1. Great!
    Ha, the classic opening GIFs selection!
    I received that Batman GIF twice yesterday haha,
    Love that class comparison GIF!!
    Great selection of GIFS, and now lets add a video or two, and perhaps reference the essays in the assignment specifications?
    Lez do it!

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