Classmate’s Website Review

First of all, I’d like to say all the websites I’ve viewed so far look exciting and very innovative. Some of them are the following:

In this website, Janett brings a concept of motherhood, which I love because I am a mother myself! I’m excited to view the content Janett will post because I love hearing other people’s views on motherhood. I hope she posts some content and fills out the About section. Don’t be afraid, Janett, you’re doing great!

The next website I’d like to talk about is Saul’s website, His take on his new website is unique. I really enjoy reading his posts, “Enola Holmes A Fresh Take on the Holmes Family” and “A Summer Worth Forgetting: The Death of a Once Great City.” They inspire me to write more in-depth on my own website, so thank you for that, Saul! I think he shares his thoughts beautifully, and everything flows nicely. I agree Enola is a great film and can’t wait for that sequel!

Another great website I came across was Isacc’s website, Right of the bat, I can tell this blogger is an artist. He incorporated his Instagram page, which reveals his talented creations. I can tell Isacc has been drawing for years and his work demonstrate that. I can’t wait to read the next blog post!

Many of the websites I view are up to date or missing minimal additions to make the websites their own. Adding a contact page, switching up the fooders/sidebars, and posting some new content goes a long way! So keep up the great work!