The Internet’s Own Boy Assignment


The story of Aaron Swartz is truly inspirational! It is astounding how his mind was able to decipher and comprehend such intricate information.

It is sad to know such a brilliant mind was lost in the digital world. The world would not be where it is if it wasn’t for the help of such intellectuals and their passions.

Aaron’s bravery to expose the private corporations and their secrete ways has taken a toll on his life and the digital world as a whole. His discoveries of conspiracy and ‘vanity research’ frighten the scheme side of our digital world.  But if there weren’t people like Aaron to help bring to light such dirty secrets, the rest of the world would be at a blind spot to this day.

Aaron’s story reminded me of the following picture:

It represents the constant deception happening behind closed doors. This image reminded me of when Aaron wrote about the power private corporations sustain through information power. The need to keep scientific and cultural heritage under a lock cannot stop those who wish to bring such knowledge to light. That is what Aaron Swartz has done, and his legacy continues to do.

This young adult inspired others by spreading civic awareness and online activism in the concealed digital planet. Without shining souls like Aaron, our knowledge of the shrewd individuals in the digital world would be scarce, and private sectors and conspiracy would blind our approach.