DS 106-Second Attempt

Mashup Assignment – Holiday Mashup

For this assignment I chose holiday mashups and I had a lot of fun. It’s tedious work and takes a long time but this time I enjoyed it no frustration.

I enjoyed it so much I did it two times. I did the same holiday with two different themes.  One a has a childlike cartoon feel, the other well you be the judge. I chose these three holidays because, Halloween is all about tricking and treating, Thanksgiving a day as Americans we all take to be thankful for our blessings, my favorite holiday Christmas the birth of our savior.

I hope you all enjoy my attempt at these holiday mashups !!!! The way I created my holiday mashups were by using photopea, and pixabay these tools became easier for me to use this time around. I used layering a lot, changing up the position of how each picture would layer the more I was having fun this time around. I used the eraser a bunch. I also used the doubling an image feature and opaque, when I tried that I decided I didn’t like that affect, I was just happy that I knew how to use it.