Assignment #5 – DS 106 – Remix!

Hi everyone!

For my second DS 106 assignment, I chose to remix the Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge.

The gist of the assignment was basically to create a caption for these romance novel covers that would best suit the image. However, I thought it would be more fun to meme them instead. I’ve always found these covers to be ridiculously dramatic in terms of composition, content and lighting, which is why I chose to make them a little more fun to look at.

The link included in the assignment description to the Flickr album with all of the templates was broken, so I just looked for related images through Google Search.

After I chose my images, I used Adobe Illustrator to place fonts of different sizes and colors on the covers. Even though these were basically gag covers, I wanted them to look as if they were real, so I tried my best to not make the fonts look out of place.

Let me know what you think!