Assignment #8 – Personalizing My Website!

Hi everyone!

After following the instructions to install WordPress, I chose the Twenty Seventeen theme because I loved the layout of the homepage.

I started to customize my website by working out the visual aspects first. I didn’t really find any stock images that I wanted to use, so I created a simple header background for my website using Clip Studio Paint. I also changed the color of the header text and added a tagline.

I also created and tested a few other versions of this image, and I liked how some of these looked as well, so I chose the “Randomize Uploaded Headers” option.

I think that I’d like to make another background that’s more tailored to my website sometime in the future.

The next thing I’d like to work on is the menu layout and changing the default content on some of the pages.

Assignment #7 – Creating a Website!

Hi everyone!

I decided to go with as my domain name! I’m hoping to post both art and baking related content here 🙂

My signup process was a little complicated because after creating my account on Reclaim Hosting, I couldn’t access my cPanel tab! I tried restarting my laptop and clearing my cache, but this didn’t work (although my computer got like 50% faster).

After this, I submitted a ticket to Reclaim Hosting. Their support team was really fast in responding to my situation, and they quickly applied the necessary changes to my account so I could access my cPanel and website!

I can’t wait to start editing and posting content to my website!

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