The Internet’s Own Boy – Reflection Post

The Story of Aaron Swartz

The documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” was truly an inspiring but very tragic story. I, for the most part, felt a sense of being proud of what Aaron stood for and fought for but by the end, I was very much discouraged and even a bit afraid. One part that particularly stood out to me during the documentary was right around 1 hour and 12/13 minutes in and the documentary was discussing Aaron’s role in fighting the SOPA Bill that Congress was trying to introduce that would essentially tighten the reins on censorship on the internet. I think what makes this part so significant was the fact that the threat of going to prison was looming over his head yet he saw an opportunity to continue to fight for what he believed in, even though it looked really bleak. My dream is to become a lawyer and Aaron’s political activism inspires me. One person can make a difference in the world and watching how his effort led to the “SOPA Blackout Day”, the number of people who signed petitions and protested against the government for a cause makes me feel even more sure of my dream of being a lawyer can help to make a change in the world. The government did make an example out of Aaron, but he is also a symbol of what standing up for what you believe in can go a long way, no matter the obstacles. Open Access can save lives.