WEEK #7 “The Mid-semester Assessment Post”

At this point in time in the  semester, I have learned details about memes and giphy . I would always see , use and most definitely share laughs and togetherness through expressions via social media thru meme sharing. I can say I never once looked into the history  of memes or the journey of it’s progression. However, if I had known creators were making large sums of money , I would have changed my career  direction much sooner. I look forward to learning more about “domains” and ” website creating, because it is clearly  the future of internet conversation. Originally , I took this class with the intentions of learning more tips and trick of how to use different programs on a computer , but when Professor Seslow began talks of building my own website I completely drew a blank.

Computer Working GIF

Now that time has passed , paying attention during virtual learning I was able to understand the direction of “CT101 Digital Storytelling”. Honestly what helped me most is the recordings and direct emails to the professor and his attentiveness to my emails.  I do however believe I’ve done a decent job of keeping up, in hopes of receiving a passing grade in this course.