The Story Of Aaron Swartz – Week 7 P2

Knowledge is power, knowledge is meant to be shared, explored and used by all who want to, but unfortunately in this film we learn that knowledge is kept under the rugs by the government, it’s kept caged and not used to its potential. This is a cage that Aaron wanted to break, and it breaking meant changing how information is given all round the world which its impact is to everyone.

This Film was worth the watch, it is very deep but very needed to be heard and seen. For contex if you want review minute 23 to 24:15, in this minute and seconds we learn that Aaron decided to instead of giving in to cage, he would break trend and start over to avoid the cage and grow bigger than it.

Aaron rejected the business world, he didn’t want to work in the given conditions even if in our eyes seemed like okay conditions, Aaron was limited to what he could and how he can express himself and at cause of all this he was fired multiple times but Aaron did not care, Aaron did not want to be controlled or told how to live.

I believe it’s that part, the part in which he refused to follow the trend, refused to let the corporations limit how he thinks, limits what he can do in this computer, limit his curiosity to keep on learning. He left everything and everyone who brought him up to where he was to create his own way, to keep expressing and learning freely. I believe we ourselves sometimes want to learn more and more and give more and more to people, in regards to knowledge which is information, but were sometimes met with walls that are placed by those who control, these walls restrict us to keep giving and instead teaches us it’s best to keep quiet and do what they say, this in terms being the government. The government was that wall that Aaron tried to face, was he successful? That’s up to you really, but I believe Aaron was in the process of evolutionizing  what freedom stands for. To give it up all and to restart for a new change, that’s amazing and brave.