Assignment 10 WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

screenshot of WordPress website by Jour "UI/UX For A Yoga App" orange background, male backside wearing yellow tank top and pants stretching, three colorful placeholders in white, pink, and yellow
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The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1! Assignment 10

Welcome to an instructional website that guides web builders who specifically want to target a wellness audience.

The purpose of the App is to target and service viewers and members that are interested in building their own followers in the yoga and wellness community.

Creating a layout with typography, font, and background color while following Tuesday’s tutorial by Professor Seslow went through many colorful ranges.

Orange background with white text "UI/UX Design for a Yoga App

First, mandarin orange with white text.

Screenshot of bright green background, "design for a yoga application" in black text

Then lime green with black text.

cartoon of female with red hair, round green glasses holding a finger up, moving it side to side as if giving herself an eye test
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I tested all these combinations and felt orange with black text strained my eyesight the least.

The video above is a short tutorial to help organize your website and add images to your WordPress gallery.

Click the following link to view Jour’s WP website and gallery:

1 thought on “Assignment 10 WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!”

  1. Excellent work on this!
    Love how the site is coming along and seeing the process on how you are testing, tinkering and making decisions here!
    The process is all about contrast and experimentation, creativity is endless with WordPress!
    Keep going!

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