CT101 Final Blog Post / Jour Morton

screenshot of WordPress website, yellow background, caption "design ideas for ayoga website, orange background, male figure in yoga pose wearing yellow yoga top and bottom sitting on a green leaf, colrful pastel placeholders,
Click Image to visit J. Morton’s Website on wordpress.com

CT101 Final Blog Post / Jour Morton

Evolution of a blog post.

gif of the person giving a signal of thumbs up with an image of an elder Charles Darwin's face pasted to the body, with the caption
gif from giphy.com

I’ve noticed that the sizing of graphics, images, and media in my selected content for Assignment 1_What_Makes_Me_Happy 02/08  isn’t consistent. Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake for amateur bloggers like myself.

a bright multi-colored letter "C" with a ring around it blinking and flashing
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At this point, my assignment was only worthy of a C.

Actor Steve Carell from the TV show
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I had no idea how to add hyperlinks.

Looking back on my posts, I notice an improvement in my graphics, images, and media placement. Now I understand the importance of aligning gifs and memes and properly sizing everything up for a more seamless and enjoyable reading experience. As my work improved, I became obsessed with adding these little fluorescent blue gems called hyperlinks in Assignment_Two_GIF_Narratives 02/18.

fairy in a pink dress, text in bright pink,
click gif for link to gifcities.org

I realized I could enhance the reader’s experience by incorporating visual media into my posts. With this in mind, I started experimenting with giphy.com, a game-changer.


black 8 ball spinning around
click gif for link to pixabay.com

Thanks to giphy.com, I could take it up a notch and edit their gif’s with their excellent built-in editing tool. I loved how I could take complete control of the gifs by applying different filters. Click here to see my strides in assignment #3- Are MEME’s ART?

I’ve learned that keeping videos under 15 seconds is crucial if you want to upload them to giphy.com.

I often use iMovie for editing videos. It’s a built-in feature on most Apple computers and offers a wide range of editing tools and features that are particularly useful for longer videos. Additionally, you can easily add sound to your videos in iMovie.

red background with a cartoon bunny
Click the gif for link to giphy.com

When unleashing my creative side, I love using iMovie to bring my ideas to life. For example, I recently decided to experiment with a video recording of a Bansky photo and add audio from a gallery show I attended. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of iMovie, I could seamlessly combine the two elements of audio and video to create a truly unique piece. As Professor Ryan would say, I definitely “hacked Bansky.

Light-toned male with brown curly hair and glasses with the caption
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At this point, I had started producing top-notch posts worthy of an A grade. However, for my fourth assignment, Passions 03/11/, I was still discovering new forms of media and figuring out how to make my post stand out even more than my previous ones.

light-toned female with long dark hair tapping fingers together with a caption that reads
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I begin to get good at this.

As I progress through Assignment#5, Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility, and Assignment #6, Digital Art Making Immediacy 03/03, I obsess over small details. I am starting to enjoy more freedom and have more fun with my work. Now that I understand how to add images, media, URLs, and hyperlinking, I am becoming more creative and confident in exploring different styles. I even use my photos and recordings from giphy.com, Vimeo, and imgur.com.

digital text in background with overlay of image of transparent person with data on face
click image for link to pixabay.com

Being influenced by Ct101 in Assignment #7 Mid-Semester Reflection Post 04/01, I began to experiment with Ai and create Ai-generated art with Dalle-e-2 and midjourney.com.

three people standing on stage with the caption
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CT101 has increased my knowledge and digital skillset, and I landed a new job by learning how to utilize sites like midjourney.com and ChatGPT.

I recently started a new job at BMCC’s Career Center. Interestingly, many of the skills I developed in CT101 are transferable to my new gig as a social media influencer and have proven helpful here.

Thanks to my familiarity with wordpress.com, I was able to successfully create Instagram posts using canva.com. It was easy for me to transfer my skills of navigating the editor tool and resizing media in WordPress to canva.com and IG’s editing tools, as they share similar features.

Southpark characters standing next to green school lockers both have big round eyes; one character with brown hair says to the other character in a blue cap,
click gif for link to giphy.com

Furthermore, I have developed a high level of proficiency in utilizing ChatGPT and BARD to operate unfamiliar multimedia software, etc… Whenever I encounter uncertainty regarding a task assigned by my boss, I put on my prompt engineer cap and add a query to these invaluable chatbots for guidance, absorbing their advice and subsequently executing the necessary steps. Consequently, this approach has significantly enhanced my efficiency and timeliness in completing my assignments while earning immense appreciation from my employers.

cartoon of light-toned male figure with blonde hair, wearing a striped apron with a caption
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I’m so grateful for CT101! This course gave me the confidence to apply for a federal work-study. I wouldn’t have felt I knew enough about applying digital media to posts without learning the fundamentals in CT101. I’m amazed at how much this experience has changed my life, perception of myself, and capabilities in such a fast-paced and digital world.

Creating a PhotoGrid for  Assignment #8 Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation! #8 04/23 brought me back to my past experiences in MMA225. I realized it’d been three months since I last used Photoshop, so I popped it open and watched an old instructional video to refresh my skills. It felt great to revisit and apply my past knowledge to Blog #8.

Assignment 10 WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1! #10 04/30 I initially set out to create an informative site that would guide web developers in creating websites for the wellness industry, encompassing practices like yoga, massage, and skincare. However, my vision evolved into something more comprehensive. This platform educates people on how to create websites for the yoga and wellness community and those interested in building and hosting their websites. Essentially, I aim to recreate the lessons learned about hosting our website on wordpress.com, focusing on the wellness industry.

I had a blast creating the website! It brought back memories of my time using Figma and learning about adding plugins, which was extremely helpful. It took me a while to get accustomed to the WordPress editor tool, but then I realized it was similar to the other website we’ve been blogging on for the past three months. As soon as I made this connection, all the tools and options became more familiar. Fortunately, adding a URL was just like on our other website, so there wasn’t much of a learning curve. The real test was developing and sticking with a solid idea as the website underwent many changes. I can’t wait to keep working on this website this summer and maybe even add it to my portfolio!

screenshot of WordPress website by Jour "UI/UX For A Yoga App" orange background, male backside wearing yellow tank top and pants stretching, three colorful placeholders in white, pink, and yellowCreating a layout with typography, font, and background color went through many colorful ranges.

First, Mandarin Orange with black text

Then lime green with black text

The header navigation menu includes the following pages:

Orange background with black text of WordPress Pages ie;about, contact me, photography
Screenshot by J.Morton of WordPress Navigation menu headers Pages

Pages are an essential component that provides insight into the site’s purpose and improves search engine optimization. I will include a comprehensive breakdown of the site’s mission and user-friendly navigation menu instructions in the future. With this page, I hope to make it easier for visitors to find my website through a search. Check out the linked screenshots below to see how I designed the navigation menu’s Pages.

All three screenshots below are clickable. Clicking on the image redirects you to the actual webpage in WordPress. Give it a try and click the images below.

Orange background with text "Jour's Site" and in caps "ABOUT"
click the image above to visit Jour’s About Page on wordpress.com

About Page

I am currently in the process of creating the About page for my website. This page is of the utmost importance as it guides and explains the website’s purpose. It also helps with search engine optimization and indexing, with Google being the primary player in this area. In the future, I plan to include a comprehensive breakdown of the site’s mission and how to navigate it. The effectiveness of the About page will ultimately determine how easily users can locate my website through a search.

Orange background with black text in all caps "contact me"
click the above image to visit Jour’s Contact Page on wordpress.com

Contact Me Page:

I’m currently in the process of updating this page. I plan to include links to my Instagram, Linkedin, and Behance accounts so potential clients can easily view my work and contact me. For privacy reasons, I’ll also add a contact form allowing people to leave me a message while ensuring that only vetted inquiries receive a response.

skull and cross bones in bright green color spinning around
click gif for link to gifcities.org

I believe that being cautious about cybersecurity and avoiding phishing and scamming attempts is crucial to protecting my website and private information from potential hackers. Therefore, safety is a top priority for me, and I take it seriously.

dark purple background with text that reads,
click gif for link to gifcities.org

I am mindful of my online activity and prioritize my privacy and security. For example, I am careful about what I post on social media and only share personal information that I am comfortable with. It’s important to me to take proactive steps to protect my data from potential threats.

The contact page is also essential if the website has a problem. This is where someone will report that to the host.

Text in black "Photography" at top of page orange background , placeholder images added
click the above image to visit Jour’s Photography Page on wordpress.com

Photography Page

I’m considering changing the Photography Page to a Display or Gallery Page showcasing examples of various websites I’ve created. It’s essential for anyone visiting the page to see the work I’ve produced, and it’s a great place to showcase it. I’m thinking of renaming it to reflect its purpose better or possibly even replacing it with a page featuring examples of websites I’ve created specifically for the wellness community.

illustration of a clock with the caption
click gif for link to giphy.com

The website’s purpose went through and will continue to go through a few changes. I wanted to do something that empowers people to learn about creating and teach them to host their websites.

text of
click gif for link to gifcities.com

Hosting a website on my own is fantastic and can be lucrative too. However, I firmly believe that sharing my knowledge and skills with others is equally important. By doing so, I contribute to helping create a more empowered and self-reliant society.

Purple background with text that reads
click gif for link to giphy.com

I also plan to enroll in a coding BootCamp to enhance my skills further. In addition, I am excited to showcase my website as part of my portfolio when I apply to NYU’s Interactive Media Arts program next spring.

A blue bubble that reads,
click gif for link to giphy.com

I was told a stat the other day that 22% of undergrad students entering BMCC do not have computer literacy skills, and at 46, I was one of those students. I struggled to find help; if you all know anything about me, I always ask for help.

text reads,
click gif for link to giphy.com

It wasn’t until I started a course with Professor Ryan that I was given actual instruction in real-time. As a visual and inquisitive learner, I learned to apply skills in industry-standard applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I am constantly referring to videos I made in MMA 100 and CT101.

Furthermore, I found Professor Ryan to be incredibly kind and understanding. He met me where I was in my learning journey, creating a safe and encouraging environment where I could ask questions and receive the guidance I needed to understand the material. As a result, his uplifting spirit was projected onto me and helped me thrive.

cartoon of the back of a person jamming on a keyboard
click gif for link to gifcities.org

I am interested in exploring the world of p5.js. , as well as gaining a better understanding of Git and GitHub. Although the prospect of learning to code is a bit intimidating for me, this course has taught me that with dedication, consistent practice, and repetition, the process will eventually become second nature, allowing me to take pleasure in creating. This course has shown me that with a little effort, acquiring new digital skills is possible at any age.

female light skin tone wearing a leopard dress holding a fluffy white cat
click gif for link to giphy.com

With all the improvements I have made in the detail of my blog posts, I feel I should receive an A+ in CT101. I have shown that I am willing to do the work and spend hours learning, watching, rewatching, trying new things, and doing it all over again.

capital letter A in a teal transparent color moving up, down left and right
pixabay.com image click gif for link to giphy.com

Assignment 10 WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

screenshot of WordPress website by Jour "UI/UX For A Yoga App" orange background, male backside wearing yellow tank top and pants stretching, three colorful placeholders in white, pink, and yellow
click image for link to https://jourmorton.com/

The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1! Assignment 10

Welcome to an instructional website that guides web builders who specifically want to target a wellness audience.

The purpose of the App is to target and service viewers and members that are interested in building their own followers in the yoga and wellness community.

Creating a layout with typography, font, and background color while following Tuesday’s tutorial by Professor Seslow went through many colorful ranges.

Orange background with white text "UI/UX Design for a Yoga App

First, mandarin orange with white text.

Screenshot of bright green background, "design for a yoga application" in black text

Then lime green with black text.

cartoon of female with red hair, round green glasses holding a finger up, moving it side to side as if giving herself an eye test
Click gif for link to giphy.com

I tested all these combinations and felt orange with black text strained my eyesight the least.

The youtube.com video above is a short tutorial to help organize your website and add images to your WordPress gallery.

Click the following link to view Jour’s WP website and gallery:


Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

Flow chart of how to register a Domain Name using Reclaim Hosting
PhotoGrid flow chart created by J. Morton on Photoshop

Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

Begin by selecting the following link:  Reclaim Hosting

You will see: “Client Area Student/ Personal Plan.”

Follow the red arrows in steps 1 -8 of flow chart.

A red heart beating with caption
Click gif for link to giphy.com

Remember to add the promotional code sent by Professor Ryan during the checkout process. The promo code gives CUNY students free access for up to a year.

Instructions with caption Complete order"Check the “Terms of Service” box and click the “Complete Order” green tab. This will finalize the order process.

squirrely purple and blue back ground, red caption bubble
click gif for link to giphy.com

You will receive an email from Reclaim Hosting to verify your account.

Actor Tom Hanks is sitting next to a tan dog reading to the dog with the caption
click gif for link to giphy.com

Do not forget to do this.

You have up to 14 days.

If you are anything like me, you have many other things dancing around in your head as we finish the semester. So do not wait. Verify right away.

screenshot of Reclaim Hosting webpage login

Once you have verified your account, try it yourself log-on to Reclaiming Hosting.

Jared Ledo giving thumbs up with caption reading
Click gif for link to giphy.com



Mid-Semester Reflection Post

Ai generated image four female cartoon headshots looking up and smiling at stars with the caption,
Click here for the original Ai-generated image on midjourney.com. Click gif for link to image on giphy.com

Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection Post

I’ve been implementing a new routine to improve my blog post-writing skills. This includes refining my ability to incorporate URLs, create GIFs, and writing in a professional manner. Thanks to consistent practice, I’ve internalized some of these skills. For example, I no longer rely on external resources when adding URLs or images to WordPress library editor.

The skill-based training in CT-101 has been instrumental in preparing me for a career in multimedia, and I’m thrilled to be on a path that aligns with my goals. I look forward to applying to a bachelor’s program in Interactive Media Arts at NYU once I graduate from BMCC.

screenshot of the NYU TISCH IMA homepage with purple caption
Click gif for link to giphy.com

I have been actively seeking opportunities to acquire digital skills through various programs offered by CUNY. Among these programs is CUNY Career Launch, an internship program tailored for CUNY undergraduates pursuing careers in STEM, Marketing, Healthcare, Grassroots Organizing, Community and Social Services, as well as CUNY Tech Prep. However, I was disappointed when I received rejection emails from both summer programs. One rejection was due to my age, while the other was because of my limited knowledge of data structures, rendering me ineligible. These rejections triggered feelings of imposter syndrome, causing me to question my ability to thrive in college, given my age and skill set. Fortunately, my daily yoga and meditation practice helped me overcome these negative emotions and repetitive thought patterns.

Ai generated in midjourney.com black, hot pink, white, art nouveau profile of female with the caption
Click image for link to giphy.com; image is Ai generated on midjourney.com

Rejections won’t prevent me from pursuing relevant skills necessary to secure a job and become financially independent, which is ultimately the goal.

As a result of the rejection letters, I have continued applying for other tech training and am more determined than ever to find a program that teaches the skills I deem necessary for success.

Here is a list of some alternative programs suggested in the rejection email:

I hope sharing my experience in this week’s blog post is not triggering or inappropriate to anyone reading my post. The purpose of being vocal about my situation regarding this personal hurdle is to help anyone who may have faced a similar situation. I hope that by sharing my story, others will find the encouragement to continue pursuing the technical skills required to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

three cartoon kids Southpark kids on a snow bank in front of a Christmas tree
Glick gif for link to giphy.com

Whenever I encounter challenges like this, I reflect on my progress in CT101. Two months ago, I had no idea how to create a video with sound in iMovie or apply a hyperlink or URL. But this course has taught me that with practice, I can acquire these skills just as quickly as someone who has been digitally literate since kindergarten. Ultimately, it all comes down to practice, repetition, and perseverance.

Ai generated image -A large letter A in a neon sign with black type typing across
Ai generated through midjourney.com, click gif for link to giphy.com

In my opinion, I deserve an A grade not solely based on the quality of my work but because I have completed all the assignments as requested. To me, the quality of the work is not as important as the determination and time management skills I have demonstrated in completing the tasks.

I do not feel assignments have to be perfect or of professional quality, but I firmly believe that making an effort and putting in the work should be reflected in my final grade.

Four abstract images 1st globe with a cloud and desert inside, 2nd a bus with a pastel color background and a man standing outside of the bus, third three vertical images of a space-like atmosphere, 4th image is a globe of earth and three planets surrounding
Click Ai generated image for link on midjourney.com

I utilized text prompts to generate the image above in mid-journey in real time. Out of all the new skills I have picked up in CT101, I have gained the most proficiency in creating GIFs, memes and generating Ai enhanced art. My new experience crafting blog posts has also contributed to my overall ability in CT101.

I have noticed a steady improvement in the quality of my weekly blog posts as I continue to practice. Each week, I learn something new or meet a new expectation that helps me elevate my writing. For instance, last week, I discovered the importance of including a title in my blog post after the first image, a practice I was unaware of. This is an example of the continuous improvements that arise as I sharpen my weekly blogging skills.

I recently learned how to use figma.com. While I had been introduced to the software in another class, MMP 200, it wasn’t until I had a tutorial in CT 101 that I grasped the steps required to create a file and drag images into it to make a collage. This newfound knowledge was helpful when I had to produce a midterm project presentation for MMP 200. I found it incredibly helpful to learn this skill in CT101 and apply it in another class. Discovering new techniques in one class and utilizing it in another gives me a sense of assurance that the skills I learn are transferable and will prove helpful in the future.

Women wearing hat flipping heads from side to side with the caption,
clink gif for link to giphy.com

Giving feedback to classmates and professor Ryan and participating in class discussions have helped me overcome the fear of sharing my opinions and providing constructive criticism. Initially, I hesitated to critique someone’s work, fearing offending them or appearing judgmental. However, as I engage in more discussions and share my thoughts, I realize providing feedback is essential to learning. Feedback helps the other person improve and enhances my ability to work in a team and communicate effectively.

I also believe constructive criticism should come from wanting to help rather than criticizing or belittling someone. Therefore, when I give feedback, I try to be respectful and offer suggestions for improving the work. As a result, I feel more confident in my ability to contribute to the class and see the value of my input in helping others and improving my skills.

billygoat chewing with caption
clink gif for link to giphy.com

In addition to responding to classmates’ work and the professor’s comments, I actively engage in our class by asking questions and participating in discussions. However, I sometimes worry about talking too much and interfering with necessary software instruction. To address this, I am consciously trying to ask questions before or after class and save my questions until the end. This will prepare me for the learning environment of a large university like NYU, where it is important not to interfere with the professor’s lecture in a large class environment.

To enhance my skills, I discovered updated courses on linkedinlearning.com. One course in particular now includes a component on Ai learning, which I believe will enable me to be more efficient in developing Ai-enhanced projects by improving my ability to use prompts and engage in “prompt engineering.” In addition, I am interested in many courses that I believe will help me improve my skills, including the following:

Illustrator 2023 Essential Training

Introduction to Conversational AI

Coding for Visual Learners: Learning JavaScript from Scratch

The Following are blog posts I completed in CT101

Digital Art Making Immediacy #6 03/03/2023

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility *The ASSIGNMENT #5   03/ 17/2023

Passions #4  03/11/2023

Are MEME’s ART? Assignment #3 – FINAL 02/28/2023

Assignment_Two_GIF_Narratives #2  02/18/2023

Assignment1_what_makes_me_happy #1 02/08/2023

Throughout the past 7.5 weeks in CT 101, I have acquired valuable job skills currently in high demand, including utilizing WordPress and gaining foundational knowledge in HTML. Additionally, I have implemented advanced tools such as Chat GPT, DALL-E 2, and Midjourney in my blog posts, saving me time and enabling me to focus on other aspects of the course. These tools have allowed me to dedicate more attention to commenting on my classmates’ blog posts and revisiting Professor Ryan’s recorded videos, which provide detailed and crucial guidance on using various sites like Vimeo, Giphy.com, Imgur, Figma, mmmpage.com, and more. Overall, my experience in CT 101 has equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge that I can apply in my future academic and professional pursuits.

Is incorporating some of my blog posts or generative art into my portfolio suitable? During the summer, I aim to evaluate all the projects I’ve completed while pursuing my Multimedia Degree at BMCC and apply them to the Interactive Media Arts application at Tisch. Therefore, I’m receptive to suggestions or recommendations for creating a digital portfolio.

four different colorful images of a female, dark hair with a graduation cap and gown, a headshot
Click image for link to gif on giphy.com  Ai generated art midjourney.com

Digital Art Making Immediacy


click image for link to flickr.com


Digital Art Making Immediacy

** Assignment #6 **

image of neon-shaped sunglasses with pink horizontal stripes and black background on the face shape
click image for link to pixabay.com

+ Creativity

The corner of the bottom left of the silver keyboard has a large red button that reads
click image for link to pixabay.com

= Immediacy

Figma.com is a UI UX cloud-based software program. Software programs like figma.com are UI/UX design tools. Figma.com has various features that make it easy to manipulate images and create collages.

To create a collage, in a figma.com layout, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Choose the images you want to include in your collage. This could be a selection of photos or graphics you want to combine into one composition.

screenshot of computer file with small images as to media used for figma.com collage

Step 2: Decide on the layout you want to use. Many options exist, such as a grid pattern or a free-form arrangement.

Step 3: Drag images into a new figma.com page.

screenshot of the images in figma.com collage


The following images are examples of gifs and photos used in creating my final collage on figma.com. Click gifs and images for web links to sources.

profile of a white unicorn with a rainbow-changing color mane and stars emblazoned on the body, blinking big brown eyes
click gif for link to gifcities.org
lime green background of illustration of a white cat standing in a ballet position with arms up smiling, wearing a pink tutu with polka dots
click image for link on pixabay.com
https://www.remove.bg/  used to remove the green background of pixabay.com image above


transparent image of double scoop ice cream cone with a small smile, two two eyes and cherry on top
click image for link to pixabay.com
Yoga spelled out with bright colorful paint splatter in letters
Click image for link on pixabay.com
pink striped character from pacman video game looking side eye to the right
clink image for link to pixabay.com
red volcanic explosion with a dark night background
click image for link on pixabay.com
The start of my life was on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I hold a deep reverence for the island deity Pele, who continues to be vibrant and active through her ongoing eruptions.

Being alive can feel like being a unicorn, prancing gracefully through fields of imagination, or like a playful cat, dancing joyfully to the rhythm of life. It can be as satisfying as savoring a delicious ice cream cone, as invigorating as stretching through yoga asanas, or as fun as playing games with friends. Life can be a beautiful explosion of fun times, and being alive means embracing every moment with wonder and excitement.

STEP 4: Once you’re happy with your collage, save it in a suitable format, such as a JPEG or PNG file, to share it with others or print it out.

screenshot on where to share url on figma

Step 5: Copy link to share the URL link as displayed in the image above.

click image for link to build. mmm. page

mmm.page is another website similar to figma.com. The main contrast between the two platforms is the cost, as mmm.page is free.

mmm.page encourages users to avoid paying for services unless they require domains and unlimited blocks.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E, offers a fresh approach to producing distinctive and captivating media.

Explore alternative ways to utilize DALL-E and generate diverse art that will constantly evolve and stimulate creativity. With many queries at your disposal, the possibilities for inspiration are limitless.

Follow the five steps below to create a collage with DALL-E and Figma.

STEP ONE: add an adjective, noun, verb, style to query

STEP TWO: Generate prompt; when adding “design cartoon image Intuition Creativity Immediacy” to the query, the following images were generated

cartoon image of female cross sitting cross legged with purple shirt blue pants
click image for link to bing.com/images/create

Yoga recalibrates the sensors of the mind.

abstract cartoon with a eye in the center and bizarre shapes including a red arrow scatter
click image for link to bing.com/images/create

The third eye creates

Abstract cartoon image of a female in a yellow tank with big white eyes and brown hair. Abstract photos are behind her, and ear sits in the far right corner
click image for link to bing.com/images/create

STEP THREE: To create transparent images, drag image into “remove background” https://www.remove.bg/

STEP FOUR: drag jpg or png into the figma.com page, move around accordingly.

STEP FIVE: add DALL-E  images to figma.com.

The photo metaphor created by DALL-E contains a potential that can be extended to any collage metaphor style produced on figma.com.

Click image below for link to collage on figma.com.

Explore alternative ways to utilize DALL-E and generate diverse art that will constantly evolve and stimulate creativity. With many queries at your disposal, the possibilities for inspiration are limitless.

click image for link to figma.com

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

Screenshot of the DS106 assignment bank website with a large caption of #FREE splashed over the screenshot diagonally, the second caption on bottom right in green "learn any of these free in-demand skills."
click gif for link to giphy.com

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility *The ASSIGNMENT – (assignment #5)

DS106 Assignment Repository – an open-source website with exercises designed to help build digital skills. An example of one of the free exercises available through DS106 is Animoji Karaoke.

Surfing through various options on the repository helped me overcome insecurities encompassing the internet and helped ease my paranoia regarding Virtual Reality and VR technology.

Woman light toned with long light hair holding a phone that starts flashing rainbow laser beams outwardly at her
click gif for link to giphy.com

With all the discourse surrounding privacy and security, as well as the real threat of hacking, and identity theft, it’s understandable to feel hesitant about using VR.

An orange puppet with an orange hoody caption reads,
click gif for link on giphy.com

A cautious approach toward embracing VR due to its potential for weaponization causes a timid mindset around technology. Some technological advances have even caused society to be uncomfortable pursuing careers in tech.

The following exercise encouraged me to explore what VR has to offer.

screenshot with a filter added of an animated fox with the words
Screenshot by J. Morton of ds106 assignment bank added to giphy.com; click gif for link.

Animoji Karaoke is a simple, user-friendly method for creating a personalized Memoji and syncing it with audio on an Apple device.

To utilize Animoji Karaoke, a Memoji setting is required. Memojis are factory installed on iPhones and iPads.

Photo of instructions taken from the Apple website on how to create a Memoji or Animoji - then added a
Screenshot of Apple website by J.Morton added to giphy.com; click gif for link.

Following the instructions in this blog post teaches you to create a Memoji. Repeating these actions to someone else will help improve your storytelling skills, along with helping you memorize the steps. Verbally conveying instructions to another person enhances cognitive and developmental abilities.

A blue creature with a long neck and bulging white eyes stares at a piece of yellow paper with the word "thing on it," the "thing" paper flies through one side of the creature's head and out of the other side.
click gif for link to giphy.com

Step-by-step instructions, including images, text, and arrowheads, were curated and edited using PhotoShop.

Follow Steps below:

*Steps 3-4 include red arrowheads that point to the exact place to click.

with a yellow and black filter a sketch of animation person taking a giant leap
click gif for link to giphy.com. J.Morton added “spooky” filter to gif

Step One: Select > iOS Settings app > Control Center, > Customize Controls

*TIP: make sure that Screen Recording is under the “Include” list of functions.

Step Two: Select messages on iPhone

Photo of iPhone message button in green and white with Caption "Begin by Selecting "Messages" on iPhone, in red
Original photo of iPhone screen taken by J. Morton and edited in PhotoShop. To tell the story of how to create the Animoji, the fundamentals of PhotoShop were necessary. Fortunately, Adobe has a fantastic search tool and an extensive library of tutorials. I used the following tools in Photoshop:
Crop tool.
Text tool (see also type tool)
Line tool (see also how to create arrowheads)
>File >export to png

Step three: Select box icon (see diagram below)

Photo of iPhone screen with further instructions to where to click to create personal Memoji or Animoji
Original photo of iPhone screen taken by J. Morton cropped, edited, and added text in PhotoShop.To learn how to create arrowheads like the red arrows above, click the following link for a video on Adobe arrowhead create lines and arrows in Photoshop.

Step Four: Tap Memoji where the red arrow is pointing below.

Instructions to complete Memoji are in color red and read as follows:"Tap the Memoji button, then swipe right and tap the New Memoji add new emoji button. Customize the features of your memoji — like skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and more. Tap Done. There is a red arrow pointing to where to click and a Memoji mouse at the bottom of the screenshot.
Original photo of iPhone screen taken by J. Morton cropped, edited, and added text in PhotoShop.

Step Five: follow prompts and select features

Cow face animation with pink tongue sticking outAnimoji of Jour with text across with caption
Photo taken by J. Morton of Memoji screenshot uploaded into giphy.com click gif for link.

Step Six: Add sound

Swipe down from the upper right corner to bring up Control Center

>select dot icon with a circle

You’ll get a three-second countdown before recording begins.

Begin recording

*TIP: you can record your voice or play music while using the Animoji app, play audio from another device if you choose not to use your voice (I opted for this option)

>red time in the upper left corner to stop recording

video is now automatically saved to Camera Roll

Memoji + Sound = Animoji Karaoke

Click video below to hear Cowface Animoji

Play above video to hear Animoji sing Tina Turners Rolling on a River

For complete and detailed instructions on how to record and edit  your Animoji in iMovie, click this link for an article on appleinsider.com

Silk Sonic record cover used in a DS106 assignment repository, effects called
click gif for link to giphy.com

Learning CT 101 skills, such as audio editing, is crucial for content creation. The activity of Animoji Karaoke sparked my interest in exploring digital audio further. I am also interested in taking on the DS106  project Album Mashup in the future.

Blue sky with white clouds in a coloring book style drawing, hands raising sign that reads
click gif for link to giphy.com

In WordPress, the editor mode allows users to create and edit content, such as blog posts, articles, and pages. When adding media, such as images, users can include alternative text, also known as alt text. Alt text is a short description of the image or media content, typically a few words or a sentence.

The purpose of alt text is to provide a text-based alternative to the media content for people who may be unable to view it. This includes individuals who are visually impaired, have low vision, or use assistive technologies such as screen readers to access online content. Without alt text, these individuals may miss out on important information conveyed through the media content.

Flashing gif with white star-shaped background and pink star shape behind, with the caption
click gif for link to giphy.com

To add alt text in WordPress, users can select an image and click the pencil tool to access the alternative text dialogue box. Here, they can enter a brief description of the image or media content. It is recommended to keep alt text concise and descriptive, providing enough information for users to understand the context of the media content.

By adding alt text to media content, WordPress users can improve the accessibility of their website, making it more inclusive and accommodating to a broader audience.

gif of four rock and rollers playing in a band, three on guitars, one on traditional congo drums, one playing modern style drums, girl on a motorcycle in a video playing on the background wall
click gif for link to giphy.com

Enhancing new audio editing skills, such as GarageBand and iMovie,  can facilitate bloggers to reach global audiences worldwide. Creating Album Mashup requires combining multiple songs from the same album using GarageBand or similar software.

Search for instructional videos on platforms like linkedinlearning.com and youtube.com to learn how to complete an Album Mashup assignment. It may take a couple of attempts using GarageBand before feeling confident enough to perform the process without tutorials. Devoting consistent time to this task over three to four days will help initiate an intuitive comprehension of navigating GarageBand.

Innovative technologies will continuously emerge, requiring individuals to refresh their skills in using digital tools. Click on this article from the Wall Street Journal, which lists the technologies employers seek for employees to know in today’s market.

description of free Upskilling courses for CUNY students
click image for link to register

Coursera offers free online courses for CUNY students to help them maintain relevant skills in today’s job market. Click the image above for link to register for free Coursera courses while studying at CUNY.

Register for Courseras free Ai For Everyone Machine Learning Introduction Course, an introduction to Ai; there’s no schedule and no pressure to complete assignments or pay. Check it out by clicking this link.

For a free overview of the History of Ai on linkedinlearning.com, click here.

Looping video of a photoshop screen opening a photoshop screen over and over again with the caption
click gif for link on giphy.com

Photoshop and  Photopea are industry-standard software tools that are almost identical. Except for the price. Kaching! Photopea is Free.

To learn more about Photopea, click video above.

gif of Woman light toned with light long hair mouthing words "the colors, the fonts, the logo"
click gif for link to giphy.com

Knowing functions and tools in Photopea/Photoshop is essential for anyone wanting to work in Graphic Design. They will be used often, and employers expect job applicants to know the fundamentals of design software to land a job in the design industry.

male with deep medium-toned complexion with black hair, a character from Star Trek, slapping face with the caption
click gif for link to giphy.com

Photoshop does not need to be mastered. Likewise, knowing everything about Adobe products and how to use them is not essential.

YouTube caption
click gif for link to giphy.com

What is important is knowing how to search for tutorials on design tools like PS, Illustrator, and InDesign or for UI/UX software like Figma and Adobe XD

Anyone can learn to use these products, although it does take practice. The search tool is the most efficient shortcut command key when using software. Control or Command F is a shortcut for the search tool in most programs.

Blue background with a large wavy pink capital letter F, big white bulging eyes, a smile, tiny arms clapping, and caption,
click gif for link to giphy.com

New innovative Ai tools like Chat GPT-4 and other Ai assistance bots can search for instructional steps to use with Adobe products, coding instructions in HTMLCSS, and JS, or create a digital image, essay, and statement to complete work efficiently.

A new and free learning course I am currently watching is on linkedinlearning.com. Click this link for a free intro to Ai and Chat GPT 3.

Two fair male south park characters, one with brown hair and one with a red and blue hat, caption
click gif for link to giphy.com


outline of a transparent cartoon with black hair sitting at a desk wearing a purple shirt and tapping on a laptop
click gif for link on giphy.com

Blogging has become my latest passion, and I am engrossed in it for hours without taking a break. As a result, it has become somewhat of an obsession for me.

meme of the cartooned person on a purple yoga mat with a yellow headband, dark hair, and brown skin doing a vinyasa yoga pose
click gif for link on giphy.com

I am passionate about yoga stretches that help alleviate my cranky tech neck. It is one of the passions I have pursued and studied. I am a certified yoga teacher with two Yoga Teacher Training Certificates, although I don’t currently teach yoga. As an enthusiastic yogi, I regularly practice yoga to maintain my physical and mental well-being. 

View post on imgur.com

click image for link to imgur.com

I believe that if he can do it, anyone else can too. Additionally, it’s amusing to note that “dog” spelled backward is “god,” although I’m not religious, I find it intriguing.

View post on imgur.com

click image for link to imgur.com

As you can see, this guy is quite advanced in his yoga practice. It’s impressive. By the way, I don’t think I mentioned earlier that I am passionate about animals.

There are three cartooned people with hands in the air hooping with one shared hula hoop. 1st person is wearing a pink full-length leotard, 2nd person is wearing a full-length brown leotard, 3rd person is wearing a beige full-length leotard, and all have pinkish skin, dark hair, and black socks.
clink gif for link to giphy.com

Have you ever heard the saying Ohana means family?

My native hometown is Hilo, Hawaii, but I have lived in New York City since 1995.

View post on imgur.com

click image for link to imgur.com

One of my favorite things to do is skate; something New Yorkers and locals from Hawaii have in common is that we are very active. In my experience, there’s no better place to skate than in Hawaii or New York.

Click play button on video below.

Click play button on video above to see a video about my passion.

As you can see in my reel, my nieces and fiance, Greg, love to skate too.

I created a reel of my family skating in various locations, indoors and outdoors, in Pennsylvania and New York. The process was relatively easy, and I created three versions from various digital formats.

This iMovie was created using multiple recordings taken from my iPhone and clips texted to me by my younger sister.

I dragged and dropped all the videos onto my desktop. From there, I dragged the .MOV file into iMovie editing software which is pre-installed on every Mac computer (not sure about iPads).

Once the clips were lined up 1 through 5, I dragged and dropped an MP3 of Tina Turner’sRolling on the River” below the 5 video clips.

To export from iMovie, I selected >file>share>file

Following these steps, I now have a video with music to accompany my movie.

I thought it would be interesting to show the same .MOV in three styles and two different formats to inspire our class to try various methods of gifs and movies when blogging.


During the export process from iMovie, select “quality medium” and “resolution 720 p” in your options panel, or your file won’t fit in WordPress or the giphy.com editor tool, and you can’t play with the editor tool to shorten the length of the gif in giphy.

Gif created with three short videos-Jour(blog creator)female with a brown ponytail on teal roller skates with blue-lit wheels, gliding through Pier 76, an outdoor space on the west side highway in NYC skating in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at an indoor skate rink.
click gif for giphy linkT

The gif above was created using a .MOV, a recording from an iPhone.


  1. Best practice when recording a video is to hold your phone horizontally. If you record holding a phone vertically, you will get an effect like the one seen above. The entire screen isn’t utilized, and there is negative black space, wasting what could have been a great scene on both sides of your recording. It’s an eyesore.
  2. When creating a gif in Giphy, convert your movie to a lower “resolution” and choose medium or low “quality” when exporting. If not, giphy will not accept your MP4 in the built-in editor tool, and you won’t be able to use all the cool editing features that giphy offers.
  3. Using giphy is as easy as drag and drop once you have selected lower resolution and medium quality, you are free to create your gif using various font types and colorful text.
  4. Regarding both Giphy Upload and Giphy Create: After export, select “quality medium” and “resolution 720 p” in your options panel, or it won’t fit in the giphy.com editor tool, and you can’t play with the editor tool to shorten the length of the gif in giphy.

Although Giphy Upload is an excellent tool for creating memes with your message, I will describe below why Giphy Create may be a better choice.

Gif created with two short videos-Jour(blog creator)female with a brown ponytail on teal roller skates with blue-lit wheels, gliding through Pier 76, an outdoor space on the west side highway in NYC, also skating in Greg, a tall male with lit-up wheels a black shirt and black pants at outdoor skate rink on BK promenade skate rink
click gif for link on giphy

Welcome to “bad TV.”

Uploading your MP4, JPG, PNG, MOV, or WebM in Giphy Create is a different experience than just using the “upload” button in Giphy. In Giphy Create, numerous options are available, including filters, which provide a wide range of choices. For example, the MP4 above was produced utilizing a “bad TV” filter in Giphy. This filter was particularly appealing since it gave my gif a unique nostalgic appearance.

This could be due to my fondness for nostalgic visuals. I have memories of watching bad TV in the 80s, and it was not necessarily a marker of one’s socioeconomic status. Poor graphics were present across all socioeconomic groups since the technology we are lucky enough to possess today had not yet been developed. But In the ’80s, everyone had a bad TV.

Today, we have numerous reasons for the exceptional graphics seen in technology and on the Internet.

Watch the YouTube video below for some historical content on the evolution of the Internet.

For more information on the Internet and how it came to be, click the YouTube video above.

Back to More Passions,

View post on imgur.com

click hashtag on image for link to image on imgur.com

Cooking is a passion of mine, particularly when it comes to creating dishes from Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Growing up in an adoptive (not legally) Taiwanese family, I acquired many Eastern practices, particularly self-care-related ones. In addition, my Taiwanese family was well-versed in various healing arts, such as cupping, massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbology, which are considered standard practices. As a result, I was introduced to Eastern modalities at a young age and was quite receptive to them.

I learned about these techniques in my early twenties at The Swedish Institute in New York. Although I had grown up using it to heal and treat aches and pains, I didn’t fully understand the clinical side of why we used these procedures. Learning about the science behind Eastern methods sparked my passion for a healthier lifestyle. Since graduating from SI in 2001, I have incorporated these effective alternatives into my life.

yellow background, black sketch of a face without eyes squirrely black hair unravelling in a upoward motion
click gif for link to giphy.com

Initially, my interest in a college major was the functions of the mind which led me to consider studying neuroscience. However, when I explored a Columbia University program, I realized it was heavily focused on mathematics. Unfortunately, I don’t possess the math aptitude required for neuroscience or computer science, which was my second choice of major.

Instead, I opted for graphic design, which aligns better with my creative right side of the brain. In addition, the courses offered at BMCC for the Multimedia Programming and Design degree have allowed me to utilize a wide range of excellent technology tools.

Big pink brain with big round reading glasses bouncing stick knees up and down wearing red shoes with little stick arms curling up pointing to brain, with caption S M A R T in white letters and black circles, above pink brain
click gif for link to giphy.com

We all have different backgrounds, but we all possess the potential to create new neural pathways and learn anything we are passionate about. It just takes practice.

I am incredibly passionate about learning new tools and tricks with AI. In a recent MMP 200 course at BMCC, my professor taught us a new command to use with ChatGPT. He suggested we preface our commands with a specific tone or profession to generate results tailored to a more professional voice. The outcome was truly remarkable. I highly recommend giving it a try. For instance, you could type in the query, “In the manner of a medical professional, what is the best way to describe (insert ailment here).”

Supreme Court Justice RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg wearing a black top embellished with stones, shakes her head while appearing to talk and a caption that says -
click gif for link to giphy.com

I am passionate about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, commonly known as RBG. RBG exemplified the core values of feminism. Her steadfast commitment to gender equality was unwavering, even in the face of significant adversity. Despite standing at a mere 5′ tall, RBG refused to let anyone silence her and fought tirelessly, leaving an indelible mark on history.

Click here for a recent article describing the legacy of RBG in the New York Times.

women lifting each other through the bottom of the gif, various skin tones, various hairstyles and colors, various outfits, raising and then boosting a foot with their hand as if to lift them up
click gif for link to giphy.com

RBG’s example and unwavering dedication to women’s reproductive rights have empowered millions of women to control their destinies. RBG firmly believed in women supporting and uplifting one another, and her actions and beliefs continue to shape the lives of countless women.

Woman/mother character from T.V program
click gif for link on giphy.com





Are MEME’s ART? Assignment #3 – FINAL

Click meme for link to makeameme.org

Memes provide an engaging way to narrate a story, albeit not in the conventional way. They allow for a distinctive and meme-ish way of storytelling.

According to, The Harvard Crimson, “a meme is an idea, behavior, or style that becomes a fad and spreads by means of imitation.”

For instance, Kermit’s meme has been widely employed to narrate tales. Memes have emerged as a more engaging mode of storytelling because, in today’s fast-paced world, few people have the time to read traditional books and news.

Although memes may receive lower ratings from critics than traditional art forms, it shares many similarities. One of these similarities is their ability to tell stories, which I will elaborate on.


The YouTube video embedded above puts forth the argument that memes satisfy the standards for being classified as art, as defined by Leo Tolstoy. According to Tolstoy, art involves using movements, lines, colors, sounds, or forms conveyed through language. As a result, memes can be regarded as a form of creative expression since they exhibit many of these same qualities.

Click meme for link to makeameme.org

Art Zealous offers an insightful perspective on memes as a form of art and draws a parallel to “Andy Warhol’s work, which often involved appropriating images from pop culture, not unlike the way memes are created today. Pop artists blurred boundaries in an attempt to elevate “low” culture to “high” art.”Similarly, memes take everyday images and concepts and turn them into a form of art that is accessible and relatable to a wide audience.

Click meme for link to makeameme.org

By utilizing meme art, I narrate my tale about the origins and objectives of storytelling with memes. Websites such as makeameme.org and creativecommons.org are sites that offer open-source access to everyone. These sites allow anyone to copy and download free images and modify them for educational purposes without the risk of legal action, such as being sued. However, you may be asked to take down your meme by the original artist/photographer/creative or the company that owns the image.

*Tip: To create a free meme – Select an image from creativecommons.org, copy it, upload to makeameme.org, add text.

Click gif for link on giphy.com

According to Digital Trends, Are memes the pop culture art of our era? “good is an entirely subjective and often fraught concept in the arts. There may be critics who deride the choice of subject matter” Ultimately, beauty is a matter of personal perception, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Just ask Judge Judy

Click gif for link. on giphy.com

My definition of art is anything that stimulates the mind to think, wonder, recreate, and repurpose, regardless of the medium it was made with.

Click gif for link to giphy.com

When discussing Memes: Is it Art, The Courier, a British online newsletter, says, “it is interpersonal and subject to change depending on what community you ask.” It can also depend on the generation asked.

Click gif for link on giphy.com

Memes were, in fact, created prior to the recent generation. How To Geek What is a Meme (and How Did They Originate?) states, “Memes have been around since long before the internet existed. In fact, they have been around since before Dawkins coined the term, showing up as early as 79 AD in a Pompeii ruin and as late as the 1970s in graffiti.”

Click gif for link on giphy.com

Banksy, the Bristol-born street artist, creates compelling narratives and messages through his art. In the recording below, he confronts capitalist greed. This is just one of the many themes he explores in his shows.

Click on the recording above to hear a narration about Banksy’s “Festival” artwork.
The above video is a photo taken by J. Morton @ the 2023 Bansky exhibit in Tribeca, NY. The image was converted into a jpeg, added to iMovie, and paired with an original audio recording of the narration used in the exhibit.

Bansky’s politically, and socially conscious art prompts viewers to contemplate the world and institutions we exist in, not just the artwork itself. I’ve recently become a fan of Banksy’s work because it challenges and stimulates discussions about the nature of art. As a result, he is widely recognized as one of the most insightful artists of our time.

Click gif for link on giphy.com

I was fortunate enough to visit his exhibition, where I had the chance to witness this collection firsthand. If you’re interested in seeing the show, click here to purchase tickets, and you will experience this thought-provoking art for yourself.

I manipulated two images below of Bansky’s original artwork and converted those images into gifs through giphy.com. I also added captions to express my excitement about the new skills I am learning in CT101.

Click gif for link on giphy.com “Hustler Club,” artist Bansky, Photograph of poster taken by J. Morton @ 2023 exhibit, Tribeca, NY.

I customized Bansky’s pieces into something entirely different than his intention for the art, using it for my own purposes to add to this blog. I believe that the purpose of all art should be to share.

Sharing your memes can help you gain a “following” on social media.  Memes have become a prevalent aspect of online culture, particularly on platforms like Reddit, which can serve as a community hub for meme-sharing in storytelling and satire.

Click gif for link to giphy.com

Repurposing has been a common practice throughout history, and some may argue that art is meant to be repurposed to inspire or provoke thought.

Click gif for link on giphy.com “Girl with Balloon,” artist Bansky, photograph of poster taken by J.Morton @ 2023 exhibit, Tribeca, NY.

The question of whether memes qualify as art opens up a broader discussion about our definition of art rather than limiting the conversation to the digital medium used. It recognizes that memes can be a mode of creative expression and prompts us to consider how they can be situated within the wider landscape of artistic expression.

Click gif for link on giphy.com

The Verge The story of the internet, as told by Know Your Meme “argues that meme culture isn’t malevolent so much as it is amoral; it’s a mirror held up to the culture of the internet, which “increasingly does not care about the truth, and cares only about the narrative, the myth.” Similarly, creative works such as novels, poems, and screenplays are adapted, reimagined, transformed, and adjusted to provide diverse sources of inspiration and entertainment. I’m certain that there was discussion at some point in the past regarding whether the medium utilized in photography and film should also be classified as art.

Click image for link to photo on knowyourmeme.com

My first encounter with memes was during the era of the “Planking” trend. While browsing the website ThrillList.com. I was reminded of 2010, my Planking days. According to knowyourmeme.com, “Planking is a photo fad which involves lying face down with arms to the sides in unusual public spaces, photographing the scene, and sharing the image online.”

Click gif link on giphy.com

Although I was heavily involved in the Planking movement and planked in various locations, including stairs, streets, and fire escapes, I regret to inform you that I will not be sharing any of my Planking images. However, you might be able to find one floating around the depths of cyberspace, though.

Click gif for link on giphy.com












(Click play button above to video effect, click here for Imgur link to video)

What did you think on the first day of CT101?

Bulb Blowing up = My brain, first CT101 class

Click here to browse or create on Imgur

I Did It Dancing GIF by think! - Find & Share on GIPHY

(click the above image for link on GIPHY)

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

My inner self was having a happy dance, stoked to begin blogging.

Click here to start browsing for GIFs on GIPHY

Neil Degrasse Tyson Mind Blown GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

(click image above for link on GIPHY)

(click here for a bio of Neil deGrasse Tyson, aka the real Master of the Universe)

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far? 

Professor Seslow’s discussion of integrating the latest technology into our course blew my mind compared to any other class.

The End Love GIF by Trippyogi - Find & Share on GIPHY

(click above image for GIPHY link)

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

I felt like I was gliding toward endless possibilities of creating exciting content.

(click above image for GIPHY link)

What are the creative potentials of this class?

The creative potentials are editorially endless.

(click above image for Imgur link)

For example, all of the new websites we are incorporating into CT101 so far have aspects of editing built into them.

Editing skills are vital in the creative job market these days

Learning new skills will also make students more valuable to employers. It means you are ready to work on day one and require less training.

It also shows that you are prepared to begin your new career.

(Click video above for a tutorial on the creative process through GIPHY

WARNING: Using the built-in editor tool for GIPHY may be frustrating.

Don’t be alarmed.

Tired Alarm Clock GIF by Serge Bloch - Find & Share on GIPHY

(click image above for link to GIPHY)

Private videos can be any video set to private on YouTube.

There are copywriting blockers installed. You may be prevented from editing “private videos.”

Suggestion: You can edit a video found on YouTube simply by copy-pasting and editing using the “clip” option built into YouTube. You will find “clip” under your YouTube video of choice, select scissors icon adjacent to “clip” tool. Use this to edit your videos within the YouTube platform. Then paste URL into the Commons blog. I tend to use the “add media” option and add the URL right there. There are many ways to do this on our blog post, but I have found using “Add Media” followed by “Insert from URL” to be the most intuitive. (click on GIF above for link to GIPHY)

It feels like wandering into a new creative world of endless possibilities.

This computer brings 90’s nostalgic vibes to me.

(click the above video for a demonstration of learning the basics of uploading on Vimeo)

Unfortunately, this video wasn’t editable through GIPHY gifmaker because it is private. Not a big deal as it is a short video.

(Click above image for link to GIPHY)

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

Nobody says it better than Biden.

It’s about time, FINALLY!!!

(click image above for gif link on GIPHY)
I created this gif using footage from the annual NYC Dance Parade
Select play above to witness a little variety while I experimented with gif making
Just a tiny personal plug, since 2017, I have worked for Dance Parade New York, a non-profit. I spend my days and nights organizing with different dance groups like the ones in my gif. Together each year, along with 10,000 performers, we create New York City’s largest dance event.


Dall E-generated art and ChatGPT are making me super happy and entertained these days.

The image below was created using Dall E.

The video below is a tutorial that gives a quick overview of the new Artificial Intelligence Ai digital tools everyone is talking about. Those trained in using Ai will be one step ahead of the best in digital art and graphic design.

Chat GPT has given people a tool that helps them in their creative process. Work and school are some areas I am incorporating Chat GPT into my life.
One area I find helpful has been when applying for grants that support me financially through college. Grant writing is precise, and it can be challenging to get noticed if someone is not a writer with a specialized focus.

Ai tools often help me brainstorm, although I do not take examples created by Ai and use them verbatim as if they are my own. However, what is helpful is the different avenues of thought that Chat will make. For example, a complex question from a grant can be generated with just a few keywords, and you can generate it up to six times without being too repetitive. Therefore you can select different parts and add them together with your own thoughts, and voilà you created a new paragraph or essay in a fraction of the time.

I often ask Chat for a “list,” which will generate a bulleted list of ideas. If I feel the paragraphs I created need refinement, I will also use my Grammarly app and add any new ideas to Chat.

What is unique about Chat is that paragraphs and essays evolve with new vocabulary and searches. So the more you play with it, the more your original idea grows. Similar to when developing a section or article on your own. Only you will save yourself a ton of time and mental energy.

I created this blog post without the blog assistance of ChatGPT. But I did use Grammarly.