Website Up And Running

Welcome to my website

                                          The Phantom Chronicle

It been a long time coming…

But it’s finally time to get the ball rolling in building our internet identity.

First things first I got to change my interface to Twenty Seventeen and put my header down.

In my opinion the other two are just….

But hey that’s just me if you rock with them. Then more power to you.

That better.

Next I got to change the colors.

I like darker backgrounds. Bright one tend to irritate my eyes.

Follow up, I got to change the header image. I found this older picture that an old friend of mine and I took for a photography competition. We  managed to get got second prize for it.

I think it really hits the sort of ambience Im trying to portray when you open my site.

I want people to get a sense of wonder or at least something to spark some interest for those visiting my site to continue scrolling.

Now let’s clean up these widgets/menu’s and get that default info out the way.

Now, up until this point I ran into zero issues.

till I got to the Menus section …..

I don”t know what kind of sorcery this is but when I typed in my gmail for the email icons and then click on the icon after I published.

I get redirected to optimum’s login in page.






But even with this minor set back I was able to replace all of the images and here is a short video of me scrolling through my websites layout and how it looks at the moment.

It’s still pretty empty.

But not for long….

So I hope you guys like it and I cant wait to start posting my own content on the my site.

Happy Halloween to you all and I’ll see you next Tuesday.