The fall semester has finally come to a close. I can imagine that everyone is sighing in relief that it’s over. Now,  we can plop onto our beds, face first onto the pillow and take nice long break from this anxiety filled mess that was this fall.

When I look back at this semester I feel jaded and robbed of what was suppose to be exciting semester. With this being my second go around of doing online classes, I was less than thrilled to hear the news half way through the seamster that the spring was going to be same thing all over again.

A huge disappointment but not a surprise. All we can do is look forward and push onward. I will have to say though that during this period of solitude at home. I’ve had time reflect on the past and grow a deeper appreciation of life pre-pandemic. I always found myself sitting by my window with drink in my hand just staring down the way towards Manhattan and getting lost in my memories.

I came to learn that there are many things that we’ve taken for granted because we have grown accustomed to expecting that they will be there tomorrow. Friends, Family, your local coffee shop, even plans. No one in there right mind would think that at the turn of new decade we would be facing global health crisis and lose all semblance of normality within our society.  It’s like an atomic bomb had just been dropped on us and now we’re just sifting through the debris of what is left.

But the bomb wasn’t the pandemic itself. No, that came afterward. The pandemic was the catalyst that set it off . The count down was set in motion long ago. There was no way to predict when it was going to go off but it finally did.  It erupted with a fury that engulf everyone, a summer filled with protest and violence that has shaken us to our core.

Tension has been mounting for year for an issue that has still not been resolved. This pandemic only amplified that disparity that exist between Black and White pitting the issue on the for front of everyone minds. There was no escaping that harsh reality that plagues this nation. I say this to emphasized that tool we call the internet has play a vital roll in bring this struggle inside each and every house hold in America.

If there is any bright side to this crazy year it is that this class has given at-least for me an outlet to relieve stress and enjoy something new.  A way to block out all of the insanity on the news and to be able to create. That is what I feel is the purpose in creating the The Phantom Chronicle . A place where I can pour out what I’m feeling and what I see both Journalistically and personally all in the same place.

Through the guidance of Prof. Seslow and through the influence of my fellow classmate work. I learned how take the power of the internet and put my own spin to it. As a journalist my goal is to report what is going on in our neighborhoods, our nation, and the world. We do that by creating stories that allow our readers to connect to the issue on a personal level. This class has been an amazing asset in giving me new, creative and unorthodox methods my storytelling abilities in ways I never thought of before by using memes, gif, art, videos, and sound to enhance the experience.

Now, in traditional news print media this would never fly, maybe in magazine writing but you are still limited compare to on the web. You have more freedom and tools at your disposal. You have hundreds of choices and directions you can take to create a unique but compelling story. That to me was the biggest take away from this class.

My website will eventually have a bunch of different projects, pieces of writing, and art in the near future. Move forward, I will be trying to actively post every day or at least every other day with new and creative content. I guess you can call this my little creative play ground.

To explain my website set up, I broke my pages down with my blog being the second option next to the home button since it is where most my time will be spent through out the weeks. This will be where my daily personal blog post will reside and I named it the “DAY TO DAY” since I’ll be recounting my experiences and personal thought that are on my mind at that day.

Next “News” which will eventually encompass news articles I write about York from Pandora’s Box and of the city overall. This will later  be broken down to subsection with specific topics of intrest such politics, breaking news, business, etc.

After that we have the “OP-ED” section which will hold all of my journalist and overall formal opinion on news related topics. Finally, the “Review” section is where where a I will putting up my journalistic opinion the latest, “Films”, T.V./ Streaming  shows, and “Music” releases I think this deserved its own page because these are my favorite topics to write about on my free time. 

My goal is by the start of next year I am looking to have all of these pages and categories completely populated with a whole bunch of content. This being my first “Day to Day” Blog post. Marking the beginning of new chapter for this site.

Im not big fan of grading my own work because of how subjective it is. Your perspective is automatically screwed because we’re our own worse critic. We can either be to nice to ourselves or to harsh. It’s just hard to be impartial to your own creativity. Nonetheless, after I evaluated the grading policy for this class, my overall work ethics, completing all 15 post required for the course, and having built a website. I think that for the semester I deserve an A or an A- at-least.

To all my fellow classmates and to Prof. Seslow I want to thank you for a wonderful semester even with how crazy it was. I learned a lot and really enjoyed reading everyones post through out the weeks. They brighten up day when things got bleak. I hope you all have a restful break, I wish you all a happy holidays and Merry Christmas !!!


A Semester In Review


What is Copy Right: Prompt #1

After watching Laws that Choke Creativity I found that Lessig did a wonderful job of making compelling arguments for  Remix Culture. Throughout the video I can recall many great quote from him that I could  pull from for this post but I can’t settle on just one.

Early on Lessig spoke on the intention of our generation when it comes to the internet. Specifically referring to amateur culture where what we create is…

“For the love, not for the Money”

It is what this class is all about.

Now, yes we can of course make money off of what we create on the internet and there is noting  wrong with that. But, let’s keep it real for second,           at-least for me…

We are apart of the first generation where the internet is an integral part of our culture and it is our way of communicating our voice to the world. Culture is something the evolves over time and technology is just one of many tools that we use to shape it to fit our reality.

“You cant kill the instinct that technology produces”

That is 100% true. You can try to kill it but we all know how prohibition went. It is all about the natural progression of human society and the internet is the culmination of that. An inevitable transition of  communication that can not be stoped.

“You cant stop our kids from using it we can only drive it underground”

Just like Hip-Hop and Punk music the youth will always revolt and break the law, in order to do what they love.  Especially, if it goes against our natural instincts. Instead of restricting us why don’t they just guide us and nurture the creativity, not criminalize it.


VapoWave Journey

After about 3 hours messing around with photopea and bouncing the picture from my computer to my phone.

Here is  my VaporWave image I created

Now I am not going to lie this was really difficult to make but I loved every second of the process. I think the hardest part was knowing when it was complete and feeling satisfied with the results.

You see when I started thinking about what I wanted my image to look like I realized that the Vaporwave and the Cyberpunk theme are really similar. So I thought why don’t I combine the two?

This is a CyberPunk Theme image. In other word think of BladeRunner.

This is a Vapor Wave image.

The similarities are striking. They’re pretty easy too confused because cyberpunk did develop in the 80s with all the futuristic movies and all.

The best way I can distinguish them is Vapor wave does more of a mash up of thing  culturally relevant to the 80s and 90s and Cyberpunk is more of a  dystopian depiction  of what the future is going look like.

However, both use the same color schemes and the images produced are a social commentary of consumerism. How things are portray to the bright and cool but there is always a darker mean behind it.

It’s two sides of the same coin if you ask me. Either ways it’s cool and they are fun to make. I can honestly say that I am hooked to this theme and iI’m looking forwards to making more of these in the future.


Website Progress

In the past week I’ve been  slammed with work from my other classes so it was hard to find time to log on and update my website. As I can imagine everyone else is probably dealing with the same issue. With finals coming up it feels like professors want to throw mad work at us for no reason like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now that its the weekend I was able to post an older Film Review that I got published on Pandora’s Box’s Website and added in some new categories, widgets, and just gave it bit more character. I’m satisfy with how looks now, it’s almost in its final form.

Check it out and let me know what you guys think. I would love some feed back and maybe suggestion to help improve it.

After I went in and did some maintenance to my website. I decide to look through everybody else sites to see what your guys are up too. I have to say some of you guys have some cool idea.

Like this one

This is Imani’s website and first off that logo in the top left corner is dope. It’s eye catching and really complements the theme of her website. Also, her post so far powerful and authentic. If you haven’t gone through and read them you are missing out.

Pro Choice: My Body My Choice  

Success : Security VS. Passion

There is No Such Thing as a “Slut”

Truly, wonderful work keep it up Imani!

I also want to shout out Issac Moon and his website. I love the artwork you posted there beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing you add more to that gallery. Also I love the home screen image it gives your website a really chill vibe.

Those were two that really stood out to me but everyones else is doing great. Each and every individual site is unique and represent a different personality and interest. I can’t wait to see at the end of the seamster everyone final product and see it populated with more blog post, art work, photos, and whatever you guys have to share to the world.

Congrats to everyone for getting this far! The finish line is just around the corner just hang in there and will make it together. Good Luck !!!

Mid-Semester Reflection


Let’s take it back to the beginning, It’s September 1st I’m waking up on a Tuesday morning at 7am with my dog pulling my covers off.

Ugh I  was so comfortable and I was not trying to get up but of course its another day, another class, and I can’t neglect my son so….

Fine Im up!!

Once I reluctantly roll out of bed, walk my dog, and clean his feet. I was in the need of some morning coffee.

Ahhh that better.

10am rolls around, Im 2 cups of coffee in, and I’m finally functioning… barley. Sign in to the the zoom call and at this point I’ve already got a glimpse of the class website and looked over the syllabus.

Blogging, Digital Storytelling Projects, Commenting/Critiquing, Reading Responses, Social Media Projects and…

Personal Website

This was my reaction after reading that….

I was intrigued but skeptical at the same time. I’ve had professors in the past clam that  we were going to do some cool activities and it turn out to be a sham. I was not about to get duped another time. I popped  into the class armed with this information but took it all with a grain of salt..

Before the first day of the CT-101

After the first day of CT-101


After getting to meet Professor Seslow. I quickly figured out that he was the real deal.

So to you Sir..

After he laid down the ground work of the semester. We as a class just took off and after 8 weeks I can easily say that I’ve learn more useful and reliable things in this class then I have in any other class to this day.

This class has allowed me to appreciate the internet in a new way and i feel that my communication skills in the virtual world has improved tremendously because it.

I mean this post is an encapsulation of that improvement. I now know how to find and make GIFS and MEMES. I have become proficient in using WordPress and have may own website.

But my greatest accomplishment for these first 8 weeks is that I have finally succeeded in transferring my personality into the virtual world.

And we’re only half way through the semester in. There’s no telling where we are going to be by the end and that is the amazing part about it. We decide what that will look like.

The sky’s the limit.


I personally feel that I have gotten better as the weeks have passed with each of my post.

Douchebag Darrell meme

Chuck Norris meme

I personally think my post on the internet boy was my most authentic emotional reaction. But my post Website up and running is the best at creating a story and taking you into a detailed step by step process of my journey building my website.

But there’s always room for improvement.

As I transition into working on my own website and essentially taking the training wheels off. I really want to improve my skill of working with different mediums to enhance my story telling skills.

Maybe i should mess around with more DS106 projects? I really want to learn how to incorporate audio more in my post. I want to add as many tool to my arsenal so I can start thinking outside the box and really push my skills to the limit.

Overall, I think my progression in this class has been pretty smooth. I enjoy that I can work on my assignments when I really have time to sit down and commit my full attention.

This is one of the few classes I have attended where I put my undivided attention and give my maximum effort to each and every assignment. This is not say I don’t try in my other classes. I just don’t feel as inclined and motivated in some of my other classes because of how repetitive they are. they don’t deviate from the formula and that puts me to sleep. This class provides me with the energy to keep pushing forward to innovate and that is hard to find these days when you’re stuck at home all day.


Right Now, I feel just as committed to this class as I have been since the start. More so now than ever since I have my own website. I hope that my skills continue to improve and I hope that my website transforms into the vision I have in my head.

To close:

I want to say Congratulation to our new President

President Joe Biden

And Congratulations to the First Female Vice President In American History.

Vice President Kamala Harris

Enjoy Your Weekend Everyone

God Bless America

The Internets Own Boy: Reflection Post

To MIT, to Jstor, to the U.S. Government and to all the institutions that decided to stand by and let this abused of power unfolded . You are charged with murder and the internet finds you guilty for being a bunch of


you are to be executed for your crimes against humanity and the death of an American Hero.

Now sure I could be being a little extra with these gifs but Aaron Swartz was fighting for our 1st  amendment rights and we should hail him as an American hero and not label him as a criminal. We praise the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zukerberg’s of this world but what have they done for us really. Yeah revolutionize the internet and the computer industry but all they want is power and money they would never dare attempt to do what Aaron did.

We have a right to information, public information, as citizen of this country and to quote the doc “Secrecy serves those who are already in power”. If all this information is under lock and key away from the public eye then those in power can do whatever they want in the shadow. Aaron wanted to the shine a light on those who think that they are entitle to secrecy. It takes true courage to go up against U.S. Government while having a BS lawsuit put against you and then use the same tactics they deemed illegal to get congress not to pass SOPA.

Man that is legendary.

Rest in Peace Aaron your work will never be forgotten and it’s a shame that our democracy does not respect those who fight to uphold it.

“Aron is Dead. Wanderers in this crazy world, we have lost a mentor, a wiser elder. Hackers for right, we are one down, we’ve lost one of our own. Nurturers, carers, listeners, feeders, parents all, we have lost a child. let us all weep.”

Sir Tim Berners

I think Cory Doctorow at the end of the Documentary really express the true essence of what Aaron was trying to achieve and why he fought so hard to give us access to information because without it there are catastrophic consequences that affect all of us.

“It’s where the thing that’s gonna keep your kid from dying of pancreatic cancer comes from, and without access, the person who might come up with the thing that’s got your number on it, may never find that answer.”
So let’s continue to build and keep Aaron’s legacy alive by using the information we have at our finger tips to change the world .
May you Rest in Peace Aaron.

Website Up And Running

Welcome to my website

                                          The Phantom Chronicle

It been a long time coming…

But it’s finally time to get the ball rolling in building our internet identity.

First things first I got to change my interface to Twenty Seventeen and put my header down.

In my opinion the other two are just….

But hey that’s just me if you rock with them. Then more power to you.

That better.

Next I got to change the colors.

I like darker backgrounds. Bright one tend to irritate my eyes.

Follow up, I got to change the header image. I found this older picture that an old friend of mine and I took for a photography competition. We  managed to get got second prize for it.

I think it really hits the sort of ambience Im trying to portray when you open my site.

I want people to get a sense of wonder or at least something to spark some interest for those visiting my site to continue scrolling.

Now let’s clean up these widgets/menu’s and get that default info out the way.

Now, up until this point I ran into zero issues.

till I got to the Menus section …..

I don”t know what kind of sorcery this is but when I typed in my gmail for the email icons and then click on the icon after I published.

I get redirected to optimum’s login in page.






But even with this minor set back I was able to replace all of the images and here is a short video of me scrolling through my websites layout and how it looks at the moment.

It’s still pretty empty.

But not for long….

So I hope you guys like it and I cant wait to start posting my own content on the my site.

Happy Halloween to you all and I’ll see you next Tuesday.



Picking A Domain Name!

I am super excited to get started on this process. I can’t wait to have my own website. It feels like the beginning stages of building a new house.

Time to get some real estate on internet.

What would be a good domain name?

It’s got to be something recognizable, easy to remember, an accurate representation who I am and what I’m about .

Something  Bad A**

just like this website which is one of my favorite news sites

  1. VICE

First off the fact that a well known news media group having the name VICE is pretty cool. Like imagine you’re at at party and some asks you where do you work and you reply


I don’t know it just has some swagger to it.

the second new site that I enjoy is


VOX is just simple easy to remember and not only do they post amazing content but they have pretty logo. It attracts your eye and real hard not to notice it.

Furthermore, it pretty obvious that my website will be NEWS  based but I not married to that. I want it to my spot where I put all my blogs, project, News article, podcast, etc.

My website will be more than likely a multimedia based site and I want to treat it as my playground of creativity.

Option #1

Spiderman meme

This probably the ideal website especially if I want use it for my resume its clear and it gets the point across but boring in my opinion. I don’t hate but it works.


Fight Club meme

It got a bit more edge to it but a bit ambiguous. I just like it because I can confidently say it and it would probably spark a conversation or two.


Roll Safe Black Guy Pointing at His Head meme

This sounds like news organizations that exist but I went around to see if it popped up any where and it didn’t. This is probably the most professional one I could come up with but I’m still thinking about.

My only fear about this is picky a name that I later regret but other than that I am just itchy to get started.

Tuesday here I come!


DS106 Assignment

Browsing through DS106 Repository there is a vast collection of different projects that you can choose from. However, what I noticed is that even though some of the project are in theory “simple”. They can be time consuming if you don’t have experience working with in different creative platforms. It’s kind of like learning a new language.

How I felt when I started working with photopea.

Photopea felt really similar to when I was learning how to use indesign and honestly I still don’t understand how to properly navigate either of them.

I feel like I’m stumbling through the dark the entire time. Now, don’t get me wrong I can at least do the bare minimum and the tutorial that professor Seslow presented was helpful but it was still difficult.

This was the project “An Album Cover” I decided to pick to complete.







I thought this was really corky and cool. I’ve always had a fascination with album cover art and this was the end result.

It ain’t anything Picasso level but hey, I’m proud of it.

The second  project I found that I wish I was able to complete is under the  the category of audio and it’s titled “Dialogue Mashup”

I have million different way I would go about doing this project but I don’t know how to cut and mash up audio from different sources. The biggest road block I find for myself is not my imagination and creativity but not having the understanding of how navigate the tool at my disposal to make these idea become a reality.

But this all comes together through trial & error and of course patience’s. I think that doing one or two of these project would be good because it not only gets your creative juices flowing , it challenges you to do something new.

These are important skill that we can all benefit from because there may come a moment that these skill will work to advantage and give you an edge over the competition . Especially, in today’s work force it is getting harder to stand out.

It can give you some added confidence walking into an interview with these skills in your back pocket.


Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Saying MEME’s aren’t art is like saying HIP HOP isn’t music.

The reason I compared MEME”S to HIP HOP is because for a long time it wasn’t considered to be art or even a legitimate genre of music.

HIP HOP in it most basic form is basically pulling records that already exists. Looping the break section and rhyming over that loop.

And guess what 40 + years later.


Like HIP HOP MEME’S pull pieces pop culture media across the internet and transforms the content  to represent a different perspective and that appeals to a new audience than it was originally intended for.

Today MEME’S have become a norm in the way we express ourselves on the web and it has revolutionized our society in so many ways.

VOX posted this amazing video that  explains in depth the details of what  meme’s are, where did come form, how they have change internet culture.

I think MEME’S are just another form of evolution in human communication. Since the start of the digital age what was seen as communication was flip on it head when computers came into game. MEME’S are just by product of our inevitable transition into a fully digital world.

I say embrace them and let’s keep evolving. Right now on this site we are doing just that. I know that MEME’S have been seen as problematic and don’t necessarily fit the traditional conventions of art. But hasn’t every art form gone through that stage.

I see MEME’S as like the graffiti of the internet  they are hard to understand if you get the language or the refers. But when you do get it you respect and admire the inspiration they pulled from to create it.

Just like a painting each MEME tells a story and no one meme is the same even though they may look like they do.

Like this meme it is one of my favorite of all time.

You have probably seen this comercial growing up a million times but that is what is on the surface. What we don’t think about is why did that creator of this MEME choose this image? What does it represent to them ? To me this comercial when it came on tv no matter how bad of day I was having always made me smile and laugh.

It allowed me to be nostalgic and have a flash back into the past. To a moment where I know I was happy.

MEME’S are not just a piece of pop culture,  They are a piece of you. They represent not only the history of the content but the history your life. When you see that imagine you know exactly when, where, and how you felt in that exact moment you saw that image.

To me anything that make me feel that I consider to be art.



This me 10 minutes before my first CT-101 class.


… Get my morning Coffee.

This is me 10 minutes after first CT-101 class.

When I learned what we were actually going to be doing in this course. It was like breath of fresh air.

We live in the digital age and since we’re  going to be stuck at home taking classes again…

Yup me too…

It would be great to not only become more technologically literate but to have our own platform where we can share our experiences  with one another.

Also, I think we can all benefit from some humor.  Some of the content that has already been post is not only fascinating but hilarious, so kudos to all of you. I really enjoy reading each post.

On a different note,

Don’t attack me but … I think Gif should be pronounce JIF.

Only because Gif to me it too close to GIFT and when I hear someone say it, it makes think of presents. JIF even though it’s a brand of peanut butter,  my brain doesn’t confuse the two thing. So fight me.

This class is awesome though. Unlike my other courses I feel that I have  complete freedom to express myself. To be honest,  I feel awkward turning  my camera on in classes. I don’t know, there is just something about it that make feel self conscious and exposed.

Homer gets what I mean.

This class has so far inspired me to become more creative in ways I didn’t think of before.

But unlike my other classes where we need to spend an arm and a leg for books. Our text book is the internet and as we all know…

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and if your football fan you should check out Mr. Chiseled Adonis (Warning: Strong Language) for some hilarious highlight commentary .  See ya’ll next class.

My Good Old Enemy the Internet

Ahhh, the internet, you’re like the annoying brother that I have to pretend to love. I can remember it just like it was yesterday, summer of 2011 the moment I made my first facebook accounts because that was the moment I sold my soul to the devil.

Nah, I’m kidding but I did actually think the concept of Facebook would be the downfall of man kind. In hindsight, I would say I was half right. The only reason I made an account was because my baseball teammates held down in a chair, inside of a hotel lobby, and forced me to make one. Let just say I don’t have many fond memories of that trip to North Carolina.

But I digress. I have stark love hate relationship when it comes to the internet if I’m being honest. On the one hand I think it is incredible place for creativity and to find information on practically everything and anything your heart desires. On other hand I think its black hole where the soul of humanity was sucked in and the words honesty and integrity have all but disappeared from our vocabulary. But hey! that just me 😅

When the pandemic hit,  as you can imagine it was probably my worse nightmare. I am people person, I love meeting new people, and making new connection. As a journalist that’s literally 90% of my job description.

So my last 6 months of quarantine felt a pretty much like this…

Pablo Escobar Waiting | Know Your Meme

But, in order to combat my loneliness and later on cabin favor. I basically bounced around Netflix, You Tube, Hulu, and Prime video. Seriously though, thank god for student discounts because if I was going to rely on social media and my parents to keep me entertain. Let just say it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

So since I found my self binge watching roughly 2-3 movies or shows a day. I figured I might as well learn something about them in the mean while. I stumbled across this amazing Youtube channel over the summer called “Lesson From The Screenplay” Where this guy name Micheal Tucker uploads videos of in depth analysis of some of the best screenplays put on film and television.

This was the first video I watch because MAD MEN I feel is one of most well written shows I have ever watched. If you appreciate the art of cinema and want to learn more about your favorite movies or T.V. shows like myself then you will enjoy this channel.

To the creators of this channels you have my respect.

My only quarrel with the internet is that as amazing and useful it is in keeping society connected. Especially, in a crisis like this pandemic. It should not replace real human interaction. So enjoy the power you have at your finger tips but remember, look up from time to time . There is much more out there in the world for you to enjoy than whats on your computer screen.

I hope that we all have an amazing seamster. Good luck to you all and have a wonderful weekend.