Website Update: Construction better than LEGO EVER COULD!


Dear Fellow Readers – I just published a new blog post here on my website:, please come and check it out and feel free to engage in some fun dialog.

I started with much drive and ambition and started to develop the site. It’s a fusion of many elements. I’m very confident in how it’s been going. With the suggestions of Mr. Seslow, I think plug-ins have to be explored and just organize it Very strong site, many of my peers outside of school are impressed. Moreso, for my morale….

to be able to promote it on my social media is so elevating for me. Like Taio Cruz said, “IT’S TAKING ME HIGHER!”

To be able to organize projects and my favorite songs, recipes, sports teams, inspiring quotes IS AMAZING! It’s professional, but the site is more personal and vibrant than say my journalism counter part.

Thanks so much! Much love.

2 thoughts on “Website Update: Construction better than LEGO EVER COULD!”

  1. HEY!

    Your website looks amazing! I see that your favorite team is the Hawks.. now I ain’t saying I’m a basketball know it all but I respect it lol. They aren’t doing bad this season

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