CT101 Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information:

Well everybody, the time has come.

CT 101 is in the books. Quite a journey. It’s a bit bittersweet. I honestly am hype with all of the blog posts I made. The website being personal and having that ability to have a free reign with my license given by the domain access was tremendous. I don’t wanna be crestfallen, but excited for the possibilities of this project.

I can only say when it comes to the grade evaluation that bar a few absences, I am adamant I can retain a A or A-minus for all the effort I invested In the class. Also the work rate I demonstrated to complete assignments basically as soon. they were presented. It’s all about the good vibes.

The site run down is like this. I wanted to cover my three sports teams in different ways, visually with a badge, a roster, and some stats. Each team has one of those going for them. I put myself with an image I rate as a reference to the author and a quote on invigoration (a crucial trait for me). Then I wanted to put a recipe that’s iconic to me and a motivational video. For people to kickstart some momentum for them. It sure did for me. Some of my favorite songs at the moment had to be in the mix. And two of my favorite pieces of my work in the past I published academically.

When it comes to the outline of my site. I like the variation of posts semi- uncategorized but following each other down the page, but two or three in a designated category. Maybe I’ll make them all into a category for organization purposes.

The dynamic that it is personal compared to my journalism site in my other class is interesting but gives me flexibility in publishing as I see fit.


I loved the ability to fuse elements that aren’t traditional in normal essay term papers to be incorporated in my work. As well as the confidence to post about topics that aren’t per se academic but personal more. To be able to consistently do that was immense, truly.

The link again is https://polishprincepalace.com/


I most certainly will update the site and add previous work to bulk it up. Even future videos and essays. Tackle topics that have limitation in an academic setting perhaps. It only will last a year so I will be sure to take screenshots of its fully developed state. I was glad to be introduced to this platform, seriously.

Here are some more pictures of my site (in order) for reference.


The class has been stellar. And a honor to work alongside all my peers. My socials are on my site if anyone wants to collaborate or network. Thank you Mr. Professor Seslow as well.

Remember, trust the process. And MUCH LOVE.


Kamil Kuzminski


Website Update: Construction better than LEGO EVER COULD!


Dear Fellow Readers – I just published a new blog post here on my website: http://www.polishprincepalace.com, please come and check it out and feel free to engage in some fun dialog.

I started with much drive and ambition and started to develop the site. It’s a fusion of many elements. I’m very confident in how it’s been going. With the suggestions of Mr. Seslow, I think plug-ins have to be explored and just organize it Very strong site, many of my peers outside of school are impressed. Moreso, for my morale….

to be able to promote it on my social media is so elevating for me. Like Taio Cruz said, “IT’S TAKING ME HIGHER!”

To be able to organize projects and my favorite songs, recipes, sports teams, inspiring quotes IS AMAZING! It’s professional, but the site is more personal and vibrant than say my journalism counter part.

Thanks so much! Much love.

Assignment #10: The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1!

Well, I have to say my website is off to a flier!

I did it in the reverse order haha. But here’s a before and after.
First, I edited the title, then added a quote on invigoration. A trait that fuels me in life. Added a profile picture of me and inserted my links to my media. Then I changed the color palette to something I thought would be smooth and give a calm vibe. Then I added a Polish flag for representation purposes. Lots to tackle, but I reckon a solid start.

I REALLY like the placement of all my components thus far. The contrast between the original template and what it is now is staggering.
I really rate the vision so far. I wanted to personalize it. I had trouble accessing it as finding it after I installed WordPress the option to edit was tough. Only for a certain amount of time.
The soon to be famous link: www.polishprincepalace.com
I think this site will be GREAT to promote some of my work, be it soccer montages, interviews with peers and friends, or my essays and papers I’m most proud of. That’s the vision so far. I aim to put my dissertation on sports loyalty and gentrification paper I wrote for example.
Also the networking possibilities will be tremendous. I still need the confirmation link to be sent to me, anyone else having that delay? Bit worried.

Assignment #9: Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!


Well, my domain and website are up! Yay! Feeling a sense of accomplishment!!

The domain for my website stayed from assignment #8. Polishprincepalace.com. Was adamant of keeping it and stayed, it did. In the end I thought .com was cleaner than .net. I didn’t want my website to seem archaic.

It was a relatively simple process, made sure to email the professor my confirmation email as back up.

I’m intrigued at the prospect of this website truly! I am sure it will evolve in the last weeks we have as a class.

I’ll include some more screenshots of my process through signing up and creating the site here.

Here’s the link to it below, (hopefully it works)


As for downloading WordPress, it was a bit tricky but all’s well that ends well. Used some will power and made it happen! The step by step video was fundamental to my success there!

Let’s make some amazing and spectacular websites! I know I’m ready to design and formulate a phenomenal one! #Enthusiasm



Assignment #8: Picking a Domain Name!

Domain time, if that’s a catchphrase! Haha!


I’ll give it a shot, I recognize that I’ll have to revisit and edit this post when the link comes out after spring break. I’m very sharp and inspired in this moment so I’ll share my first thought no problem. Polishprincepalace.net. It’s a unique, odd yet intriguing option I feel wholeheartedly. It represents me and my culture in a mystic fashion.

Some others could be; Athletictribune.org, centralcomedy.com, or tastyfoods.net. Depending on the route I take.

In terms of what I would like to cover on the site for the remaining weeks, I honestly want to revolve around my soccer team that I support. And they’re remaining 10 games of the season. Like match reports would be a cool idea. I have a brilliant site in my journalism class so it covers interviews and topics in my neighborhood and school. In this virtual realm, I’d rather stick to athletics to some degree.

Maybe a touch of comedy as I am a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, and can report on some of my experiences in acting and comedy with my acting mentor? All at the 52nd street project.

Those are two solid websites of preference for me but the food network is another valid one so that all my hypothetical domains are referenced to an inspiration.

Perhaps a stroll into the food market, with some of my favorite recipes as another alternative would be a intriguing venture, no doubt.


Here’s that website on journalism I alluded to earlier for reference: https://kamilkuzminski.wixsite.com/jou285

Having already had a website and seeing the growth, I am only encouraged and excited for the potential of this one! I got like 4,000 visits simply by sharing it on my Instagram story. 90 people escalated into that number so far! I love the networking possibilities!

Everyone enjoy your spring break! Come back recharged and ready to tackle the rest of the semester!


Assignment #7: The Mid-Semester Reflection Post


How am I doing in CT101? Time for evaluation. I always try to be humble and leave it up to the judges. However, based on the work thus far. I believe I’m doing exceptional in the course thus far.

The first assignment: What kickstarted it all, and a key point I want to address is that I was able to through these mediums of It made my work more artistic, and brought points across as reinforcements. That is sensational, in my eye.

The class has been sensational I must say. A ton has been learned, and retained. I learned that there are creative outlets like the I retained the ability to hyperlink, fuse memes into my text and create harmony in a post. Also to edit text into a meme. I retained that feedback overall strengthens my work and reinforces the strengths I have provided in each assignment.

Take assignment #2, for instance.

Time to assess the new skills I have either developed or displayed in my consistent uploads. I have unlocked I think my level of humor and creativity when I uploaded various posts. Also my structure of writing and gelling the video or hyper links has been pristine I believe. As well as meme’s too.

Grades are tough to determine, to take the role of the professor in this hypothetical is tricky. I hope it’s in agreeable, but something in the range of a A letter grade. A slight knock on attendance once or twice. Bar that, I don’t see much to sway that evaluation. I try to show ambition by developing my posts in two phases. The initial one that addresses the bulk of the request in the proposal. And the latter, to refine and edit anything missed.


I think my weekly posts always have potential to expand creatively. I believe in the X-factor. I wouldn’t wane to the abyss of saying I’m in a loop. The foundations are hyperlinks, memes, and spacing. Yet with new elements proposed like the DS106 options, and different combinations of the fixture elements that have remained over the first half of the semester, options are there to make new golden product in our posts. Being flexible is the key to avoid such a loop and being trapped. Incorporate, the DS106 options or something in the second half of the semester and all will be fluid, I think.

In assignment 5, I value the options proposed with two sites and whatever you are more comfortable with, you are able to venture towards. And the opportunity to include personal stories to make the work on display more human. Therefore relatable.


Thankfully, I am on pinpoint track with my assignments. I kept up my work-rate and always aim to demonstrate quality that is produced quickly. I’m writing this after a taxing day at work, if that’s a testament of my commitment to the cause. Your call, please.

When it comes to commentary, it’s something I will have to investigate further. I respond to comments by the professor, and have initially responded to a few comments on my work via fellow classmates. I suppose I comment on the I really appreciated the comment from Professor Seslow, on Assignment 6. Even on Assignment 3, (while I’m searching for hyperlinks of each assignment) I see I accumulated 9 comments. Some regarding the structure of that assignment.


As a person, I appreciate backing and reinforcement of my efforts, as I invest a lot of energy and commitment to my work in my wholehearted belief.

I think my level of participation has been relatively fair. I have responded in agreement or disagreement to various questions proposed to the class. I think there is more room to grow in this department.


This is the time to be accountable. 

I think I keep my head held high and go into the class with the same level of intrigue. I think content wise, I’m flying and doing my utmost to revise instantly all posts. As soon as I can I try to digest the assignment mandate, and tackle it in quick fashion. Yet my first draft is also quite through. I think Assignment 4 in particular took two or so hours alone to format it and make sure it’s refined. Yet classy as well.

It’s been great at the halfway point, let’s all have a great rest of the semester! Power through and defy the odds.


Assignment #6: Digital Intimacy



We live in a digital age. Such is life. It’s true phones are the vessel that we seem to be reliant on. Walking down the street and seeing people looking at their phones. With the weather getting nice, people will be posting their vacation ventures, guaranteed. It even goes to the extent that personal individual emojis are made for each person on Apple devices. In the a recent update of them, it became available through iMessage. Here’s a link below on the process.

When it comes to the combination of Creativity, Immediacy, and Intuition that is a perplexing one. I would say that my preference is = Intuition + Creativity = Immediacy. I always tend to lean on my instinct, and use my spontaneous creativity ideas to bring the immediate product based on my effort.

Creativity is the ability to develop something naturally from oneself.
Intuition is the inner voice of the self to handle a situation in a determined way.
Immediacy is the utter moment in which presence and essence is born.

What does it mean to be alive? That’s a great question. Definitely subjective, yet all would have a similar theme. Mine is to be exercising your potential, breathing, and maximizing your involvement in your environment. Take this song as a light element of humor in that subject haha. But a great representation as the energy in the song instills thrill and raw euphoria I believe.

The phone, I advocate for more of an authentic and inclusive outlook on life. With a little less technology, and go for a walk or breathe the air by the river. Life’s natural elegance is to be admired through the human eye.
The metaphor that our devices being remote controls for planet is shocking pretty spot on.
When I explore these websites, Figma looks to be amazing! I’ll place something below with a visual representation of the elements that make me feel alive, if I am to understand this part correctly. To create a artistic piece of sorts takes me back to my days at the Brooklyn Museum. I made great pieces on a canvas and clay sculptures in abundance.
I did make a honest attempt at the other site mmm.page, however setting up an account proved to be an obstacle. Yet I liked that you were able to edit the front page interface as I’ll show you below. Very unusual for a site to tease you with a trial, yet it’s very inviting. The common edit tool side bar has various options, but the tone I got from the site was too restrictive.
For a site on personalization, it’s interactive, I gotta say. The chaos monkey option was wild in and of itself. Plenty of customization, just didn’t fancy it. If I incorporated my images onto this website, maybe it would have been abstract and nice, but it wasn’t a match for my vision.
Here it is… might need development granted.
I haven’t talked about it in other posts. But the added element is my faith. I had my communion and being in and around the church is a staple in my life. Along side my favorite soccer team, friends, family, playing soccer, and fishing.
It was a great experience, I prefer it more to the mmm.page and was glad about the process to compile everything into a mural that represents me well. I wanted to add an element or two that I haven’t discussed yet and they all add up to the major parts that make me feel alive. Had an issue with the  formatting on one photo, it threw the alignment all off of the main piece. Otherwise it was smooth. I realized I had an account from my time at LaGuardia Community College, but took a brief time to familiarize myself with the format, etc. Some GIF’s and photos couldn’t be converted onto the platform with was a setback, but regardless I’m proud of the result.
The journey or the destination is the question. I know which I would like. How about y’all?

Assignment #5: Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility


First I must say that the exposure to these new website platforms like DS 106 and daily create are refreshing and always welcome. Photopea is always great for photo editing, I must say.

Onto the first website DS106,
All of these choices are solid, but I’m first inclined to choose video assignments, with photo being a close second. I also must say that the audio ones are very tempting. As I have my own podcast. (On anchor, “Adroit Shenanigans”. I made an impressive couple of collages on iMovie for recreational reasoning really. Whether it was a montage or otherwise so I would be confident in tackling such a venue.
In terms of a option presented on the site,
I like the look of this one. To add music over a clip is certainly what I have experience in with iMovie, so it should translate.

When It comes to what is needed to learn for completion….

I honestly, would need to identify a platform that is suitable to the job. And see more examples to get a clearer reference. Perhaps I could make a return in some fashion to iMovie to assist in this project. I aim to build both emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create this and many more projects. I envision that would do a few of these types of projects in this  model over the course of the semester. The skills are pivotal because they Video editing and collaboration is a key component in the digital era we live in, and could bring many opportunities if I have further experience, thus I’d be brave enough to finalize one or two. I might want to branch out into other alternatives as well and use the website to the max potential it may provide.

Video is a great outlet, but photo’s as a solid option is not to be ignored.


For the daily create website, there are a plethora of options. A catalog of quirky assignments, that are all very interesting to look at. It reminds me of Craigslist haha. I would opt for the emophoto. A photo that illicits a certain emotion in the reader.

I appreciate and admire that the submissions are on Twitter as well. See below.


As for my personal selection out of my own collection, I will post a photo of me and my acting mentor below. I ask what emotion does it illicit for you?

It was part of an after school program where we met, the smart partners. Where a mentor hangs out with you on top of creating a writing plays. He’s a expert in standup comedy so it made all of our work. I spent quite a few years in the acting ensemble by the name of the 52nd street project, so it I would consider my acting skills quite involved haha. Even after I aged out of the program, we kept in touch to this day as adults.


Assignment #4: Passion

Passion. Best defined as: strong and barely controllable emotion. Raw euphoria at it’s finest.

It’s a big component in my life, and a trait I utilize. Mostly, I’m passionate about soccer, and in particular my beloved team ARSENAL. When they win, it gives me a massive lift for the rest of the week. Sensational.

Other passions I have are cooking, Family Guy, and Yugi-Oh. It’s interesting to list some of the most pertinent passions of mine, but those I’m confident in indefinitely.

Learned cooking from my dad was amazing, in a time where fast food and take out is pricey beyond belief. My top two dishes were a pork roast with blue berry glaze and asparagus. Over saffron rice.


Also chicken francese, which is chicken with I recommend trying both, but the latter more-so. Here’s a video recipe on how to make it. Both were very fun to make, I enjoy the process. Also divine in flavor.

Family Guy is such a comedic relief, I’m always trying to gather fans for the show. That being said, I love every episode and it’s a great tool to unwind after work. Favorite character has to be Stewie. His British accent, while being a baby that never grows up is hilarious.

As for Yugi-Oh,

I remember seeing the first movie in New Jeresy in the year of 2004. Two days before my sister was born. Incredible that I cannot find The plot and characters are engaging, but it just elevates a measure in confidence in me. Very precious memory to me, I got the DVD for nostalgia purposes. It establishes a sense of assurance for me. Odd, yet it works for me.

Even going back a couple years to see the sequel, It sparked a lot of nostalgia  and some aspects were applicable or translated to my life in my estimation. Takes a keen eye to make such a connection, but it gave me a lot of courage in transitional time in my life.

Lastly, I also am passionate about playing soccer. I am on the college soccer team, but play with a local crew that I have established a identity and bond with. It’s recreational but very competitive. I love these cleats below. I play usually as a left-back/center back. I have an enjoyment for tackling, when I block a shot it’s so invigorating.

Assignment #3: MeMe’ing-ness


Indeed, internet memes are a fixture in the digital world. When the question arises as too if they can be considered an art, subjectivity blossoms. In my earnest opinion, I reckon they are.

A relatively new phenomenon, the GIF expands the ability to express and portray stories. I get a sense of joy and thrill when I am able to include them in my articles. Grants me a sense of completion and true fulfillment in all honesty. Usually in other classes memes are frowned upon, as it’s deemed unprofessional or not academic rather.


In my section of class, I think we have a great group, the synergy in the classroom makes for better networking and collaboration when we interact with each other on our content here.


I usually find memes on a simple google search, or through twitter usually. That’s why I am grateful to have learned about GIPHY. Such a broader selection and a great resource to find such gems. I have always been aware of their presence, but this is the first proper occasion that I’m able to utilize them. Never really added them in group chats or anything haha. I try to add diverse types of memes that have different subjects as I feel it appeals to a broader group and also gives depth to my work.


In the work so far, I have been able to include various hyperlinks, screenshots and memes that I am over the moon to include.  I’m really pleased with my product. In addition to it being a different style than I have written in the past. I’ll add some more below.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that they aren’t traditionally accepted as pieces in MOMA or the Museum of Natural History. That’s due to a poor start of a reputation. Which is only projected to be more accepted in future years.

Take this article from whatiknowmeme.org, Memes as Art.
They reinforce my claim immensely, by stating, “They are a highly accessible art form worthy of serious consideration, and exhibits serve to more permanently record their impact as well as give people more space and time to absorb meaning, reflect on how they affect their lives, and engage in conversations about inspiration, content, and effect. They stand as another example of a physical embodiment of a meme, underscoring their ability to take many forms and exist in many media spaces.” It’s a good read as well.
Furthermore, the following video speaks on the validity of memes’ being an art.
Lastly, I think I will mention my experience. In the last assignment, I felt that meme’s added a huge artistic touch to my work and elevated my point to new heights. A new threshold was achieved.

Assignment #2: GIFS

Ahh, yes the GIF. An outlet to express yourself through images and clipped videos. That’s my initial synopsis anyway. When it comes to both platforms of Giphy and IMAGR, I prefer GIPHY. Purely based on the selection, and the interface is more appealing when I’m browsing. The design template is amazing.


What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

I was super excited and motivated on the first day to see how I would be able to express myself in some written form. Moreover, I was hype to meet a new group of colleagues. I was intrigued how I would be able to relay my stories over the course of the class. The atmosphere instantly motivated me.


Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

I liked hearing about the course, and the creative content as well. To be allowed to have a license to creatively express and write…. It left me feeling sensational. I have such an affinity for writing so this is amazing.


How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far?

It’s probably the most enjoyable of the lot, honestly. Professor,  I appreciate your teaching style, the environment is spectacular, and my fellow students all add to the ambience. A blissful start.


What are the creative potentials of this class? 

I think that the sky is the limit. We could potentially relay our stories with a mix of GIF’s, video hyperlinks, and screenshots to elevate and make our pieces more visually attractive to the audience.


How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

I’m always open to learning and adapting to new tools and concepts. It’s great for development. I feel it will grant me the ability to flourish as a future journalist in the digital age down the line.


GIFS have massive potential and have ingrained themselves with storytelling. We live in an era where the traditional text only elaboration is becoming perhaps stale, and with the inclusion of this element the sky’s the limit. It makes story in my opinion more creative and appealing. For online journalistic pieces to be successful, they have to be engaging to the reader. It may only work for a younger audience, but over time that should balance out to a broader audience base.

Take this quote from a Smithsonian Museum article, “Thanks to the humble GIF, no emotions are too big or small to capture in animated image form.” This exemplifies how much GIF has appealed to the author’s emotional intake in relation the story they read. Talk about impact.

Well everybody, that’s my thoughts. Till next time.

Assignment #1 What’s Making Me Happy This Week

Hey Everybody! I hope you are all having a lit weekend!

Couple things have been making me happy on the internet. It was tricky to come up with only 2 or so topics, but I found them.

I follow this profile on Twitter along side my sports teams, where they explain the Libra horoscope in detail and share their personality traits and behaviors. It resonates really well with me and does wonders for my morale.

On the Youtube section, I have been watching a lot of is Action Adventures W D, who is a bounty hunter and does Repo’s of cars, tracks fugitives, and interviews couples for infidelity.


I mainly watch the repo’s. He just takes their car or sometimes the insurance company wants the keys and he has to take them no matter what. Quite bizarre.


The other channel I watch a lot recently is the one with celebrities eating spicy wings while answering questions about that career.


I am impressed these celebrities (like Bryan Cranston) in the latest one) that they can tolerate such heat and spicy food. Might wanna try the spicy wing challenge myself. Plenty of Milk incoming.


Anyone a fan of Breaking Bad? Great show.

In summation, excited to hear everybody’s stories and lets have a awesome semester!