Websites in Progress!

After spending a few weeks on our websites, it’s finally time to see our progress.

The first website I checked out was by Clark Vaillant, at His website is a website for gamers, and he talks about news such as the hottest console of 2020, the PS5.

I left a comment on his website talking about how great it was that he was creating a website centered around video games. As a gamer myself, I love hearing about the newest consoles or video games being released. I also really love the background image he uses for his website. The logo combined with the controller really sells the website’s theme as a whole.

The next website I checked out was by Louannie Smith, at First of all, I absolutely love the background image on her website. It’s a gorgeous but light hearted image that puts my mind at ease.

After observing Louannie’s website, I left a comment talking about what I liked about it. I personally love the overall light hearted themes and the fact that it’s more of a personal journal website rather than a business/portfolio website makes it casual and relatable.

All in all, I love the designs and themes of our websites so far.