Mid- Semester Assessment

Oh my God! This semester is already coming to an end, CT 101 is the easiest class I am taking this semester. So far I’ve learned a lot from this course, every assignment teaches me new things. For me, the best part of the course is when we learned about GIFs and memes because it shows that we can communicate without saying too much.

will ferrell yes GIF

The only thing that’s giving me a hard time is customizing WordPress.

Confused Basketball Wives GIF by VH1

I am currently working on my website by following steps from lecture recordings. This is how my website looks like at the moment click here. I must say the professor has been very helpful throughout the semester.

Election 2020 Thank You GIF by CBS News

I would give myself an A in this class because I believe I did good in assignments and I made progress in each blog. So, I am really hoping to get a grade in As.

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Good luck everyone for the rest of the semester.