Week 1 Assignment

Right now what’s making me happy on the internet is all of the recent movie trailers coming out right now! I am a big movie guy and seeing all of recent trailers for the movies that are going to be coming out this year is very exciting! Dune: Part Two comes out next week and I’m very excited for this because the first one was amazing and I love fantasy epics!


Another trailer that came out was for A Quiet Place: Day One. I am a big lover of horror and the first two movies are outstanding and seeing that this movie is going to be a prequel showing how the outbreak started and how everyone reacted is very exciting to me. I’ve been wanting a movie like this for this franchise since it started so I’m really hoping that it delivers!


One of the last big trailers that dropped was for Deadpool and Wolverine! I am a big fan of superheroes and the MCU and I love the Deadpool movies! I think they’re hilarious and such a good time! I can’t wait to see how Deadpool and Wolverine interact and I also can’t wait to see how this will fit into the MCU as a whole and where it will lead!

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