First day of CT101

Today was the first day of CT101 in person and honestly being here in person for this class I felt:

(Yes I am gonna keep using Quby forever!! 😁). I did felt excited to be here as well as the lecture being fun by using gifs in our blogs which is my speciality because gifs especially quby gifs or any cute gifs is my personality and me in general 🀭

I loved hearing about this course’s creativity content because when it comes to gifs and texting/blogging I’m all for it 100%!!

CT101 is very fun compared to my online classes BUT! CT 137 is also the same fun as CT101 general because breaking old technology apart and be creative from CT137 while CT101 is all about creativity too πŸ˜€

The creative potentials of this class is basically expressing your feelings with gifs as well as showing your own creative ideas as well who knows maybe you have a secret creative powers inside you 🀭

Learning new skills from this class using different kind of tools will be amazing to do but sometimes I already know what to do when it comes to these blogs and gifs but other than that I’m happy to be in this class and can’t wait to learn more new things!! 😊

Until the next time everyone…SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!! 😁 Feel free to talk to me or leave your reactions for this blog post πŸ€—

P. S don’t take my quby gifs or else quby will find you! 🀭

2 thoughts on “First day of CT101”

  1. Great work!
    Excellent answers and use of a themed post!
    Quby forever!
    This post is a fine example of how one may use a character as a subject and apply it to a theme / narrative.
    Did you try to make your own GIFs with Quby via

    1. Yes, thank you, I love the post – but the assingment also asks us to try to experiment with giphy and imgur and then report back on those experiments, even if the experiments were not fun πŸ™‚ – plus, Id love to know your opinion on the gif articles too πŸ™‚ have fun!

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