Week 8 & 9

I did it, I made my own website. http://wilts-stories.com/ is the name of my website. This took me a while to decide because I wanted a name to represent something that I liked. I’m a person that used to write stories and draw, so I wanted something a bit easy for me. The names that I had thought of before were Geronimo-animations, Geronimo-ideas, Wilts-comics, Wilts-stories, Geronimo-wilts passion, Wilts-episodes, and Geronimo-episodes. Now I have decided to go with Wilts-stories. 

Now as for what I will be posting, I believe I will start off with writing stories. I can’t write comics yet. If I could, I would try some things with Geronimo himself. This mouse is cool to me 

There’s a good chance that I will add other things to my website. I may add some music I like listening to, some animes that I watch, or even games that I play. If anything, I would add any animes that inspire me to write such as death note, and assassination classroom.

This anime actually helped give me some inspiring ideas and made me start writing. So, I could use this on my website if anything.

This anime helped give me more inspirational ideas by showing how a teacher could help his students in multiple ways, and give them creative ideas. Ryan has given me the opportunity to use creative ideas in this class. 

I may or may not add listening to music on my website. I love music and I love vibing to it. I’m debating on if I will. That’s up to the future. If I do, I’ll be dancing for sure

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