Week #9 Web Customizing

Hello, is somebody there?

Phone Hello GIF by NBA on ESPN

hey, its me…

Have you customized your website yet?
Well, I have to say that I started editing my website the day I created it. I was very clear about how I wanted to edit my website but I have not yet managed to do it and I am still working on it.

the simpsons GIFI had no experience editing web pages in this way. I learned how to design web pages in HTML sometime ago.

Hack Coding GIF by Matthew ButlerBut this way it is easier. LOL

I wanted to make my website a place where I can publicly comment what I think on controversial issues where you can see both sides of the coin in a certain way. And that was the first thing I did, give my opinion of something about Donald Trump.

After all, I am still working on improving the design and usability of my website. If you want to visit my website with Avicii style, here is the link.