Week#14- So, what is copyright?

I remember when I use to make some of my YouTube videos, I kind of still do once in a while. Not great content but I try. I don’t have the equipment’s for it yet but that does not stop me. I use to post regularly but stopped. I lost motivation to upload. But back to the topic. When I use to make videos I once uploaded a video with some music in it. I thought it was free to use for some reason. I guess I got confused. I ended up getting a little notice from YouTube and I got scared, I am not going to lie lol. But nothing to bad. The music I was using was copyrighted I guess so they gave me a warning. I ended up taking down the video. I’m not sure if I reuploaded it with no music or just deleted it.

Copyright GIFs | Tenor

So getting an idea of how to avoid copyright strikes and knowing the basics and learning so your videos don’t get taken down or a strike helps.

One quote that I got from Larry Lessig was when he stated “The tools of creativity have become tools of speech” I find this compelling because in this generation people get so creative. People with the access to a PC has the ability to create videos to songs by just using images that matches the words from the song. Just like gifs. We create gifs and through Gifs you can express you feelings just using that image or part of a video. It becomes a way of communication to some people.

Im So Happy GIFs | Tenor

Just like this Gif right here. you can use that and send it to someone and the person could most likely tell your excited about the news or what they said. It’s amazing what we can do with videos and images with the technology we have today.

Why is there copyright?↓↓

I feel like there is copyright because it helps protect others work. “Copyright law protects literary, musical, graphic, or other artistic forms in which an author expresses intellectual concepts” according to mateoaboy.com

When you share, re-share, and remix content on the web you should let the people know who the content you are using belongs to. That way you avoid the copyright strike.