What is Copyright?!

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right in protecting one’s property or work. According to Lessig’s Ted Talk– Laws that chokes Creativity, Lessing talks about “people taking and recreating using other people’s content with the use of digital technologies”.  He explains that “every single use requires permission and without permission, you are trespasser”, in other you are committing an unlawful act. The purpose of this TED Talk was to discuss how copyright is affected and changing over time.

Lessig says that  “never before has creativity of the millions has been effectively displaced, and displaced because of these quote, “infernal machines.”

The “infernal machines” are described as  technology, Lessig refers that that long ago people used creativity on their own , they were able to do it themselves. But nowadays, creativity is replaced with technology, thus society rely on it, choosing the easy route.


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