Final Blog Post

Here We Are!!!

This was rollercoaster of a semester, there was twists and turns all along.


It was very different than the last semesters I had in college. Everything is online and a bit hectic.

I thought I wasn’t going to make it to the end. But it is what it is, and I am grateful. I enjoyed this class very much, it was interesting and challenging. Throughout the semester, I learned a lot. I learned about different types of creative tools such as photopea and giphy. I learned how to create my own gifs and vaporwaves. I also learned about Aaron Swartz and his fight for free and open internet.

My siblings were amazed about the materials that I was learning in class. Specifically, the DS106 – Visual Assignment- combo photo assignment caught their eyes.

I think I deserve an A- or B+. Thankfully, I completed all assignments and enjoyed completing them. After learning creative techniques and materials, I am looking forward to using them in my website and future purposes. I will continue to use my website to upload recipes and techniques on baking.

Overall, I had an amazing experience in class. Stay Safe Everyone !



What is Copyright?!

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right in protecting one’s property or work. According to Lessig’s Ted Talk– Laws that chokes Creativity, Lessing talks about “people taking and recreating using other people’s content with the use of digital technologies”.  He explains that “every single use requires permission and without permission, you are trespasser”, in other you are committing an unlawful act. The purpose of this TED Talk was to discuss how copyright is affected and changing over time.

Lessig says that  “never before has creativity of the millions has been effectively displaced, and displaced because of these quote, “infernal machines.”

The “infernal machines” are described as  technology, Lessig refers that that long ago people used creativity on their own , they were able to do it themselves. But nowadays, creativity is replaced with technology, thus society rely on it, choosing the easy route.



This is my first time hearing about vaporwaves. According to the Wikipedia, “vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music, a visual art style, and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s”.

I guess I was a little young  when vapor waves became a thing. Now that I learned about vaporwaves they are actually cool and creative.

This is an example of how a vaporwave looks like

I created this

from this


I used this tool that triangulates images, the experience was a bit challenging because it’s my first time using these types of creative tools.


Thoughts About My Classmate’s Website

Today I visited Aishah’s website. To describe it, her website is very modern and simple. It is based on Middle Eastern culture.

My parents are both from the Middle East, to specify, they are from Yemen.


Aishah posted this recipe on her blog. This is every Arab’s favorite dish.

I enjoyed looking through Aishah’s website, the website layout correlates with the idea of middle eastern culture.

Check out her website.



Mid-Semester Reflection & Thoughts

So far this class has been the best out of all the other classes I am taking.

In this class, I learned new materials and techniques such as adding hyperlinks, making my own gif, creating my website and so much more. I believe this is the only class I enjoyed and had fun with.

I like the fact that I learn something new every week. I am not a fan of repetitive teaching, I get really bored.

I can’t wait to learn more !!!

The Internet’s Own Boy

I have never heard about Aaron Swartz before watching this documentary. According to the American Library Association, Swartz was “an advocate for public participation in government and unrestricted access to peer-reviewed scholarly articles”.

He founded several software companies like and Infogami which was later merged to

Aaron Swartz once said, “With enough of us around the world, we will not just send a story message opposing the privatization of knowledge- we will make it a thing of the past.

Based on this quote, Aaron Swartz wanted to private knowledge resources-such as articles public to the people. He took the situation and did things that were unlawful. Swartz wanted everyone to have free access to them. I do understand his point, he was fighting for freedom and fairness.

Domain Names

I am really excited, this is where the website making process begins.

But before creating a website, I need a domain name. The domain name is based on what I love to do which is baking.

I made a list so far:






la patisserie

One of my favorite websites that is all about baking and techniques is Sugar & Sparrow

She is also on You Tube and on other social media.

DS 106 Assignment

Today I am going to choose two categories from the DS106 Assignment Bank

For the first part, I chose visual assignments- combo photo

This assignment was fun to do, I had to combine two photos in to one creative one. I did two combo photos for fun.


An Elephant combined with a tornado storm


chili pepper combined with a red hot flame



For Part 2, I participated in creating my logo under design assignments .

This is what I created.


I enjoyed doing this, It was bit challenging and fun.


Are Memes ART?!

Memes are 100% art.

The word meme was initially created by Biologist, Richard Dawkins. He defined the word meme as ‘to imitate’.

In 1993, Mike Godwin brought up the idea of internet memes.

The first meme I saw a meme looked like this:

Troll Face Meme

Troll face memes were very popular about 10 years ago, I think they still are.

Anyways, I believe that memes are an expression of art, they can be used to self express one’s thought. Others believe that memes are not art, they see art as paintings, drawings, etc.



This is my first time creating a GIF ! Can’t wait to show you mine! When I enrolled in this class I was a bit nervous and curious on how to use digital features. I knew that we need to use specific digital tools to complete our assignments.

My friend recommended this class to me, saying the class is fun and I will learn so much. So here I am.

Attending the first two weeks of class was amazing! Professor Seslow is passionate about what he’s doing. I am loving this class already, it is full positive vibes.

This is the GIF I created


Assignment#1- Internet Happiness


The Internet nowadays is everyone’s right hand. It has become a helpful and reliable resource over the years. Especially this year, with all the challenges we are facing such as the coronavirus pandemic, transitioning from in person-classes to online classes and working from home. It’s been a crazy year!

Internet happiness to me is watching You Tube videos and Netflix. I also love reading articles based on science and other non-fictional books. On You Tube, I mostly watch baking tutorials. I love baking!

Recently I binged watched The Crown, a series drama on Netflix.

I watched all four seasons and let me tell you something, It was AMAZING!!!

The Crown is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family. It’s worth watching it !!!