What is Copyright?

Copyright is “Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of creative work, usually for a limited time. ”  in his tedtalk, Larry Lessig discusses how copyright laws have suffocated creativity. He makes it very clear that he is not saying that people should have the right to basically plagiarize someeone’s work, but the laws have made it hard to recreate someone’s work in a professional manner.

Something that Lessig said that stood out to me was, “Culture where creativity is consumed, but the consumer is not a creator.  A culture which is top-down, owned, where the vocal chords of the millions have been lost.”  This was interesting to me because the whole TedTalk was about how copyright has made it extremely difficult for children to express themselves without breaking the law.  Personally, I can see the necessity for copyright laws, but I also think that we monetize and criminalize everything.  I feel like copyright is a way for people to basically hoard creative content,

And while you should be protective over something you created, but I do not see the harm in someone being inspired by my work. I personally believe that the government likes to stick their nose in everything.  I see people who go live on Facebook who have to put a copyright notice in their message if they’re playing music, just so their content won’t get shut down.  That’s excessive. But at the same time, should we allow people to blatantly rip off other people’s creative content? There is definitely a middle ground, we just have to find it.

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