What Is Copyright?

Copyright is defined as the exclusive legal right, given to an originator/assignee to print/publish/perform/record any kinds of literature and/or musical material. I think that users should be mindful of the content they share on certain platforms. I think it is good to always know the rules/regulations of what we sign up for because it could come with consequences. 

But the day and age we live in we see that once something becomes popular it starts trending. I feel as though if the creators aren’t trademarking the content then it’s fair game/fair use because the originators haven’t legally made it their own. If we followed copyright laws then TIK TOK would be banned because they use short clips of voice-overs and/or legally binned music. But the app allows people to create their own interpretation of it. 

So for this assignment (#3), I chose to recreate a quote from an Andy Baio video which states “Everything Is A Remix!” This quote is wholeheartedly true, I feel as though every great idea comes from inspiration. Research papers, music, popular dances, etc all derived from past inspiration. All these examples have had to get samples from elements from history in order to modify it to accommodate the current trends or information of the era. This is my visual remix/recreation of this quote.

With this visual, I took a screenshot of the quote from the video and incorporated my own swag into it. I thought the slide that used was a bit depressing. So, I bring my joy of color into my visual as a way of including a little bit of me. You can say I remixed Baio’s mundane slide to something that is more visually appealing to readers.