What Made Me Happy This Week

Well Hello Everyone!!!

Hope is well for you guys reading this. This week has been tricky, there were multiple things that were getting me excited but I decided to talk about my favorite video game, Destiny 2.

I have been playing this whole franchise since 2014,  if you guys don’t know what Destiny 2 is, don’t worry I will give a brief explanation. Destiny 2 is a free first-person shooter MMORPG and it is about you being a super-powered soldier called a guardian you can channel the three main light elements of the universe; arc, void, and solar. You have the option to be one of  three classes;



and warlock (best class)

The reason why I’m excited is that the company created the game, Bungie announced a new expansion to the game called  LIGHTFALL. The storyline for what they revealed sounds awesome we’re going to Neptune to find a  lost city that was hidden from us and it has a cyberpunk, retro wave style to it. 

Here is the trailer if you guys want to look into it.

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  1. Excellent, great work on this first post!
    Nice use of embedded media / content and the way that you have inspired us to look deeper into the game! I love the characters!

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