Assignment #1: Did Someone Say Movie Time?

I’m not sure about you but movies are the key to my happiness and entertainment. I have been focusing on what has made me happy this week and the main thing I could focus on is the one and only Idris Elba’s new movie, Beast.

I mean have you seen a man fight a lion and make it look easy? Didn’t think so. Beast is not only about Idris’s grand moment of fighting a lion but this movie was inspiring to me and encouraged me to bring out my inner “beast” or inner strength to fight off whatever life may throw at me.

Idris Elba Lion Attack GIF by Beast

This movie will not only have you on the edge of your seat for the action-packed scenes but it will also pull on your heartstrings. It shows that dedication, handwork, love, and will take you very far to overcome whatever “beast” you may be fighting or dealing with in your personal life.

If that trailer does not make you want to run to the movie theater I do not know what will!

alice morgan GIF

You, yes you! What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket!

Everyone has dealt with or is currently dealing with something or someone that seems like a “beast” in their lives. Let Idris be the driving motivation to keep fighting no matter the odds that are stacked against you!

Fight For The Future GIF by INTO ACTION