what makes me happy on internet

As someone who likes to be quiet and can’t fit into a group of people’s revelry, I grew up playing on the Internet. First and foremost, I loved playing games, and I also like to watch live games and matches, all sorts of internet games like League of Legends and PUBG. Naturally I have a team that I like and support. The most fervent period of my support would be the 2018 summer season, which was the brightest moment of my once favorite team WE in recent years. Although WE has had more glorious moments, but in my mind, only these five people together WE is the team I like.

Besides my favorite games and my favorite teams, the most indispensable thing on the Internet is, of course, meme! My favorite ones to use are these kinds that look so speechless and don’t want to care about you.

It is a feeling that can only be understood but not expressed. Anyway, The Internet is really a great tool to spend time.

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