Internet Happiness

Hello everyone. Thankfully. Due to my relationship with the Internet, over the weekend I was able to watch two recent episodes of my favorite shows. Looking beyond those two, the internet contributes to my happiness almost all the time. I use it almost exclusively to stream some sort of media mainly in the form of music. I don’t do Instagram, Facebook, or Tik-ToK. And I actively repel all things related to the current state of rap, Hip-Hop. Too old for that $#!^. I’d like to say that I only utilize the internet for educational enlightenment purposes but I’m sure I slip up every now and then like most. But anyway, I digress. I thought I’d share my favorite content from over the weekend. I hope it brings you all as much joy as it does me.


2 thoughts on “Internet Happiness”

  1. Good work on your first post! Nice job embedding your videos! Lets add a hyperlink or two to this post and also, let us know exactly what you like about the content that you selected. Why is it making you happy? Lets expand upon the narrative. The best part, blog posts can always be a work in progress that we can add to as we go along! 🙂

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