What makes Nafisa happy on the Internet?

My name is Nafisa Tabassum and I am super excited for this course and assignment! I want to share some fun gifs and youtube videos that I found really funny on the internet.


The internet has been a great way for me to learn new skills and enhance my knowledge. I browse the internet because somehow the curiosity pushes me through to use it more often. I am not super active on all the social media but I use Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and enjoy the posts. The internet is undoubtedly a happy place for me because I find different music choices from here. Recently I have been listening to a Malaysian singer on Youtube and I really enjoy the songs. This is one of the songs I have been listening quite a lot:

Here’s another fun video that I found really funny from “The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon”. The interview was with Benedict Cumberbatch! Here is it:

I also have been working part time since last semester and here are some gif’s that I found relatable and funny:







4 thoughts on “What makes Nafisa happy on the Internet?”

  1. Great work on this! Great job embedding the content and sharing it! Lets add some hyperlinks this week (the social media platforms can be links) and also tell us exactly what you like about the content above, for example, what did you like about the Jimmy Fallon clip that you posted above? :))
    The beauty of this platform is that we can always add more to our posts!

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