why did I choose my domain name.

Honestly when choosing my domain name it was pretty easy for me I typically use this name I feel like it fit me. I did not have any doubt in my mind that it would get approved within the first try.  However if my name was not approved here are a few other names I thought about .

  1. TheKylaFactory.com (This gives me my childhood vibes from Charlie and the chocolate factory.)
  2. Happyplace.com (My website is going to be a place where people get to come feel free and get encouragement)
  3. KingKyla.org  (This was in case .com was taken .)
  4. MissionVERYpossible.com  (Very famous slogan with a little humor)
  5. yougotthis!.org  (To remind people its okay to struggle but you need to get back up and strive.)


has had a very big impact on my website for two reasons which kind of contradict themselves. One I’ve seen people be so nice and caring to people they have no idea who they are when they seen they was having a bad day just to boost someone else up . Also I have seen people be so rude and disgusting toward people they have never met and I knew everyone can use a website with only positive vibes.