Finale!!! Bloggers Post!

Going into this class I was very anxious about what it had in store for me , mainly because with classes like this I feel i’m better with the visuals of it, i’m more of a visual learner. Fortunately for me I had an amazing teacher and i’m not just saying that because he is the one giving out the grades i’m saying that based on the way he treats and cares for his students. Most teachers look at the students as just students who need to complete assignments without actually understanding that students are people too not Professor Seslow.

Throughout the class i’ve learned how to incorporate gifs into my own media , make my own GIFS and oh yeah I created my own website!! I definitely am so grateful for this class experience and the things I was able to learn in these short amount of weeks. The weekly blog post with the thoughtgratitude for everything you have done for me and the rest of the students. provoking questions to get you to dive deeper when answering the question of the week.

This is the hard part on choosing what grade I should get in the class. I feel with the determination I had to complete all the assignments and blog posts leads me to believe I deserve a B+ in this class because I did the assignments to the best of my abilities and I reached out to my professor whenever I didn’t understand something. With all of this being said I believe a B+ is what my work and determination reflects. I say a B+ instead if an A because I didn’t always complete the assignments on time so with that being said I don’t think I should get the same grade as the people who did.

The things I enjoyed the most in class was the flexibility and individuality it allowed me to have. Besides that I really enjoyed the creative side of me that came out in my website. Being able to provide a little piece of sunshine on someones cloudy day is enough fuel for me to keep the website up . I have a-lot of plans for the website which include mental health and suicide hotlines, relationship advice, new parenting advice, even employment opportunities just to name a few.

here is the link to my website so you can get information to help reduce stress!

The Domain name and website start-up.

First of all the set up was a breeze , all Thanks to Mr. Seslow! The recording of the step by step process on how to setup and register using the coupon code and applying your domain name was all in the click of a video. From start to finish it was a very pleasant experience.


The Mid-Semester Assessment post

  1. I personally am embarrassed to even respond to this question, I do not believe I am doing my full potential in this class it has been difficult to take classes online with an infant. I thought online would be easier and in fact it is harder .
  2. I’ve learned how to make my own  Gifs using pictures from youtube which is amazing !
  3. The skills I developed I’ve displayed in my posts are implementing GIFS , I was never able to put a GIF in my post and now I know how.

why did I choose my domain name.

Honestly when choosing my domain name it was pretty easy for me I typically use this name I feel like it fit me. I did not have any doubt in my mind that it would get approved within the first try.  However if my name was not approved here are a few other names I thought about .

  1. (This gives me my childhood vibes from Charlie and the chocolate factory.)
  2. (My website is going to be a place where people get to come feel free and get encouragement)
  3.  (This was in case .com was taken .)
  4.  (Very famous slogan with a little humor)
  5. yougotthis!.org  (To remind people its okay to struggle but you need to get back up and strive.)

has had a very big impact on my website for two reasons which kind of contradict themselves. One I’ve seen people be so nice and caring to people they have no idea who they are when they seen they was having a bad day just to boost someone else up . Also I have seen people be so rude and disgusting toward people they have never met and I knew everyone can use a website with only positive vibes.


digital storytelling learning project .


This assignment required me to take a normal photo of myself and then make it twice as bigger . This is the assignment I felt I could do based on my knowledge of photoshop and digital editing. What I did was take a normal photo of myself cropped the photo only to show my eyes, zoomed it twice as much and changed the lighting view. here is the final picture .


This is the Ghost silhouettes . This looks like something I would like to learn how to do because it looks flawless. You don’t see any shadows behind the piece and it looks effortless even though I know it must have taken a lot of time effort and skills to complete this. Hopefully with future practice I will be able to complete something like this for my website.

Assignment #2!

At first , I had no idea what the class was going to be like or how we was going to be doing things … #firstonlineclass.
This class is so completely different from my other classes… I say that because, my other classes are based on facts and information and tests and this class is more about learning how you can use your own personality to fit in on the internet .
The potentials of this class for me is being able to better understand how to use the internet . People are using the internet more than ever and are finding different ways to make a career out of doing so. I like that if I cant find a job out there that works for me I can create my own!
This is my OWN gif ! i made this one because it describes how I feel being a newmom and also a college student . Its really Hard work being a parent and a student #havetokeeppushing.

Assignment #1 What makes me happy on the internet .

Hello everyone I’m Kyla and I’m 22 years old. Because of this pandemic we’ve all been staying home a-lot more than we normally would . With that being said we also have been on our phones a whole lot too . I usually have been pretty active on social media but not as much as the average young adult my age . Ive always told my friends and everyone around me , Once they see me in Tik Tok that they finally know that I am bored beyond words. Originally I thought we would be quarantined for a matter of months not a whole year . When we first went into quarantine I was 5 months pregnant and now I have a 7 month old . although me and my fiance are grateful to have had the opportunity to grow with each other as well as get to see our baby girl grow up we really wish we could do more with her. http://

Things like this help a-lot because it helps me with little hacks for my baby.

http:// .

they also have things I think is super funny . this is one that ive been loving currently at the moment.

I cant figure out how to add gifs on here 😔.