Working with Photoshop


I thought choosing  a project would of been difficult. So many choices and me being the indecisive person that I am, I was worried. As I opened up the assignments page I opened up Visual Assignments first since I wanted to go in order and to my surprise the first assignment was perfect for me. It involved using photoshop to make effects with some text and it was perfect. I knew how to work around photoshop but never tried this text effect so it was fun learning how to do it.

First I viewed some quick youtube videos on how to create the effect and this is what I was able to come with. It was really fun working around some new techniques with Photoshop and I hope to use them more for other projects.

Working on Album art?

Create Rad Album Art from Photos

After choosing in the visual assignment section, I decided to work on the design assignment section and found this one. I think this is a fun assignment to work on because it deals a lot more with creativity and even photography of my own so for this assignment it might be more difficult but it will worth it in the end! Both these projects will help with my Photoshop skills immensely.