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Mid-semester reflection:

Out of all my years of being in college, this has been one of the hardest if not the hardest semester I have experienced.  Not necessarily because of the workload but because of my lack of motivation.

My first semester of distance last year was hard for me. It was hard because it was such a sudden and odd transition. The pandemic also caused a lot of anxiety, stress, and confusion and this was the very first time I had ever experienced burnout. I was expecting to have another burnout this semester…I knew it was coming but this time it came sooner than I expected. I also feel like I let one of my other classes kind of set the tone for how my semester is going to go. With this class, I was very and I still am very disappointed by the way it is going. I also had to deal with a lot of personal issues back to back and found myself carrying the weight of others before carrying my own.

I consider myself to be a very creative and innovative person and my light dimmed this semester. What made it even harder for me was realizing I hadn’t been myself and not knowing exactly how to get back into the swing of things.

Thankfully now I am in a better headspace. I was getting lost in the sauce lol. Sometimes I still have moments where I kind of freak out when I realize all the work I have to do but I know I am capable of pulling through because I always do. I am thankful to have this class to look forward to.



Sheesh, my mid-semester reflection was… A LOT

Final Reflection:

First and foremost I’d like to thank Professor Seslow for being an understanding and enthusiastic professor. Some professors don’t understand that they also set the tone for how students will perform in their courses. I took two CT courses this semester along with a Psych course and a communications course. The other CT course I took this semester ain’t nothin’ compared to this class…no shade LOL (a lot of shade that class is terrible) I’m thankful to have had this class with Professor Seslow. This course gave me something to look forward to.

Tiffany Pollard Memes Crying

Before taking CT 101 I never thought of having a website simply for myself. I used to use Tumblr a lot and I still log on from time to time but it’s best to have something of your own. I have created two websites. I remember creating one in elementary school, most likely in the fifth grade, about nails. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the domain name is. I currently have another website for my hairstyling business.

Unlike my hair site posted above, with the site I created in CT101 I will not only showcase one specific thing. I want to use my new site to showcase things I’ve created thus far and things I will create in the future. I am a very creative person and I like to figure out how to make new things on my own so the content still varies. So far I have resin dominos posted on my site and animation I created last semester. I even have an oil pastel project  I made back in elementary school that will be posted on my said. It feels too good to have a place to have all of my work.

Although the semester has come to an end I am still going to browse through the CT101 site and check out my fellow peers’ work. I am happy this class used Cuny Commons instead of blackboard.

I can’t stand blackboard.

Hmm. now…as far as my grade. Honestly I don’t really know what grade I should get but I definitely know what grade I want. Although I fell behind a lot this semester I am still proud of myself for being able to pull through. How about…88 ?? yeah 88. I think I should get an 88.

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this meme cracks me up. I love it so much I had to share it on my final post.

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  1. Thank you, Ymacula!
    Thank you for the good work this semester!
    Many digital stories were told and shared! We learned a ton together and continued to expand the CT101 platform to new heights!
    Have a wonderful summer!

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