Wow we’ve finally come to an end. First I just want to thank you Professor Seslow this class was definitely not what I expected but in a good way. I think this is by far one of the most creative classes that I’ve ever taken. I feel like this class has definitely pushed my creativity like I’ve always used memes literally all the time on twitter but I never thought I would or even consider using it to tell stories. Your class was the break from hell that I needed from my other classes  feel as if I deserve at least a minimum of a C+ in your class only because I was late with some assignments and I feel as if some of my posts wasn’t as creative as my classmates but I did try though. do betterI enjoyed making my site the most I was been supposed to make one for my food business and you made the process easier and allowed me to experiment and play around with my site on my own time so I definitely will be keeping my site and I can’t wait to see the growth in it once I develop it more over time. I enjoyed the entire process of building my site no complaints and I can’t wait to show you guys the growth of it. This is the link to my website : and I definitely will be posting more recipes , vegan transition advice, and updates on vegan events so if you’re interested in that definitely keep updated with my site. I’m excited to show you guys what I have in store. Thanks for an amazing semester Professor.


4 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT #14 : FINAL BLOG POST”

  1. Thank you so much, Breanna!
    It was a productive semester!
    You site is looking good! Im happy to know that you enjoyed the course! It was fun!
    Now its time for some summer rest :))
    Be well!

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