Picking a Domain Name!

So Excited Good Day Alabama GIF by WBRC FOX6 News

I was so excited when I get to know that we are going to make our own website because one of my friends took this course last semester and she told me that in this class we have to create our website. Now when it is time, the name of my website would be IqSa, “Iq” are the first two letters of my name, and “Sa” is the first two letters of my last name. I’m not 100% sure what my website will be about, but I’m thinking to make it about makeup since I love talking about it.



1 thought on “Picking a Domain Name!”

  1. Great!
    Ohhh soo cool! So, the URL will be – iqsa.com or iqsa.net? (its going to translate to all lowercase letters in the URL address bar)
    Did you see if it was available?

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