WK4 Q-S Meme=Art?

Are Memes Art???

A small google search and you learn that memes are images that portray a humorous image, video or picture that spreads through social media users like a quick falling domino effect. Now what’s the definition of art you may have asked yourself, and the answer to your question bubble is the following: Art is the image in your mind that you are able to express into forms of visual or sounds, these images in your mind are unique compared to other ones, you know which ones.

Now with the definitions above which can be different for others, is meme art?

Yes, they are art. The knowledge has been given. Boom!

Memes in fact are a form of art because it is an expression of whatever you are trying to express. Hmm… Maybe that didn’t make sense, well let me guide you.

This is me expressing my eagerness of telling you what to do in a form of a gif. Sorry for yelling! I just wanted your attention. Since art is a form of expression, gifs count as a form expression and not only that, this means that gifs can be an expression of you feel.

Our emotions are as followed, we can sometimes feel happy, sad, mad, etc. Some of these emotions build an image in your mind, in your thoughts, that if given opportunity of expression you will express it. I found it somewhat helpful expressing it through gifs lol, just the ones that aren’t to deep you know. This is how I’m feeling right now>

Now, what about you? How you feeling in the form of a gif?

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