Assignment 15: Final Blog

We have reached the painful part of the semester when we say goodbye. The online learning experience is a tad bit cruel when you won’t see your friends in the halls or on-campus after this. I feel like I’ve learned the importance of spreading knowledge on the internet. The internet boy Aaron Swartz gave himself to the same entity that turned against him because high powers charged for information we all probably take for granted. I’ve incorporated many gifs into my digital identity. I love how I can use individual gifs as a secret code for my friends for inside jokes. I will make more memes in the future, but my overall favorite is the gifs. I notice I use them way more than before this class. I learned what vaporwaves and copyright were; I was not familiar with them before

I think I deserve an A for the content and energy I brought to this class. Although creatively I’m challenged, they weren’t required, although I tried my very best. I love how lacked this class is in comparison to my other classes. Due to personal reasons, I fell into a deep depression and fell behind on my assignments. I was able to catch up with reassurance from the professor. He was accommodating throughout everything, and I genuinely thank him for that reason. I do no like WordPress. I don’t know I like the layout of CUNY Academic Commons better. It was way easier to customize my blog post.

My best work includes storytelling abilities. I have posted all my assignments to my site exclusively to generate traffic to my site. I wrote a touching piece about my two-year-old daughter Taraji Scarlet for her birthday. It started as a Facebook post, but everyone on my Facebook was so moved by it. I decided to share it. Motherhood others include Vaporwaves and Dreads

Half of the class blog assignments were exclusively for my blog, My review of my classmates’ blog, my copyright entry, and an update on my MTA bus experience are on my website. Please check it out.

My website is about me and my entire experience in CT101 to see all my post that probably lost in the feed as well as poems and real life experiences.

2 thoughts on “Assignment 15: Final Blog”

  1. Than you so much, Teshara!
    You easily caught up and rocked each assignment!
    Online courses are something we are all learning how to navigate during this difficult time in the world.
    Im proud of the work that we have all accomplished together, and happy to see our classmates commenting and supporting each others work here on the commons! You have crafter a super insightful body of work here, plus brought awareness to this platform that is much needed and greatly appreciated!
    Have a nice holiday! And please keep in touch!

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